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Archives » SWC XML Export and how to strip unwanted info?
Loftano Drak

As the topic says, I've got my xml exported files from the combine, but there's several surplus columns and when I use Excel or Googledocs, I do need to manually delete them.

What I'm wondering about is there any way to utilise Excel to perform some stripping of the data after I've exported the xml? I know some folks likely use some sort of parser with PHP or what not (as selatos mentioned on irc).

Kendall Holm

If its columns it takes less than a few seconds to do them by hand. Click the header of the column then use ctrl and select the other column headers then use the delete table columns on the tool bar or by right clicking. This will remove the columns and shift all the data over like it was never there


Loftano Drak

I already can do that, just wondering if there was a way to do it automatically each time so its consistent and if I wanted to do any data comparisons, I can just replicate the analysis/formula for each page.

You could use VBA for it. Depending on your version you could also create a macro which does it for you.


You could select "record macro" in excel, delete the columns you want, and then save the macro somewhere to be able to repeat it again on a new xml export.


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Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

Learn XML parsing in Python like I am.

So much more versatile and easy.