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Year 16 Day 79 12:22
Katrina Gomez

So about a week ago i submitted 2 generic public ship images with CP and havnt herd anything

This is my first time doing this so any help is awesome

Year 16 Day 79 12:36
Victor O`Cuinn

It can take a few days sometimes for images to get approved since it has to be approved by at least 2 art team members. I would wait about 2 more days and then just DM one of the art team members to ask.



Year 16 Day 79 12:41
Katrina Gomez


Year 16 Day 79 13:28
Nothing is pending from you so check your events again to see if you got a message about it. You can also check the customs on the rules page of whatever you submitted the art for to see if it's there. If it isn't, you should have a refund event either in your events or specifically in your CP events.



Year 16 Day 80 9:38
Cait Catra

Two "generic" images? Do you mean public customs?


"It never ceases to amaze me, the things that very small people can find to make themselves feel very big."
Year 16 Day 80 11:52
Katrina Gomez

yeah i mean public costumes

and i havnt recived a refund but i did in fact get charged for them....

Year 16 Day 69, 15:29 Katrina Gomez -250 Submission of New Small Custom CP Image
18 Year 16 Day 69, 15:03 Katrina Gomez -250 Submission of New Small Custom CP Image
all help is appreciated

Year 16 Day 80 12:54
So were they accepted? Like I said, you can check the public customs shown on the page for the entity type for which you submitted them.



Year 16 Day 80 14:00
Katrina Gomez

i dont think they were accepted

but you said nothing was pending from me....

Year 16 Day 80 14:04
Look on the rules page for the ship/s you submitted. If your image does not show up at the bottom, then your images were denied. The fact you did not receive a denial message means we have a bug.

Year 16 Day 80 14:06
Katrina Gomez

If theyre denied do i get a refund?

they were public images so i would assume they would be accepted

Year 16 Day 80 14:20
Thali`a N`ightshade

Nope. The art team have quite strict criteria whether for public or private images. Did you look as suggested at the ship types to see if the images were there?


Year 16 Day 80 15:01
When an image is submitted we are not aware of its public or private status, it doesnt really matter to us. Quality is the only real thing to care about. Ad yes, denial should result in a refund. Whether or not you got an event about it is the real question.

Year 16 Day 80 15:57
Katrina Gomez


and i havnt revived a refund ive forgotten to vote for almost 2 weeks and would have noticed a change

Year 16 Day 80 16:36
Create a support ticket then, the asims can make sure and reimburse accordingly.

Year 16 Day 80 23:53
Katrina Gomez

how will i be sure i was denied tho?

Year 16 Day 80 23:59
By checking the page for the entity for which you submitted an image to see if they were approved and are shown as options.

As there is nothing pending in the queue from you, if the images were approved, they will be displayed with all the other public customs.

Therefore, if they are not visible on that page, they were declined.



Year 16 Day 81 0:51
Katrina Gomez

So i go "ships" and then show stats on the eta 2

right? i havnt even been playing a month yet

Year 16 Day 81 0:54
You go to the right section on the rules page and click the specific ship type. In this case you want this page. Then scroll to the bottom and you can view each of the available public customs and check if yours is among them.

Edited By: Syn on Year 16 Day 81 0:55


Year 16 Day 81 1:09
Katrina Gomez

no i chose one of those and set it to my eta 2

Year 16 Day 81 1:56
Okay, that's an entirely separate discussion. You posted an event of you submitting a new image, which you said you had set as a public custom, and the page I linked (or that part of whatever page you submitted an image for) is where it would display. That's the 250 CP deduction. Applying a custom only costs 100 CPs.

If your question hasn't been answered by now, you'll need to be more clear about what you're asking, because repeating the same information over and over clearly isn't doing the trick.



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