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Year 16 Day 80 11:53
Katrina Gomez

What was it like at year 1 day 1

like did you join and get assigned to a faction or did you play a while and get picked to be a faction head

Year 16 Day 80 14:05
The game actually started in year 0.

Year 16 Day 80 14:08
Katrina Gomez

oh well what happened?

Year 16 Day 80 14:20
The game was created out of IRC/text RP with a few factions already in place, and people could join an existing faction and work their way up, or create a new one when the admins allowed it.



Year 16 Day 80 15:59
Katrina Gomez

thats actually really awesome

are any of the original faction heads still in place?

who owns the game?

Year 16 Day 80 16:35
None of the original faction leaders are leading. And Veynom owns Combine.

Year 16 Day 80 23:55
Katrina Gomez

do the OG's still play?

this game is awesome its so simple and yet i fell so immersed in it

Year 16 Day 80 23:58
The what?



Year 16 Day 81 0:14
Really Syn? OG

Year 16 Day 81 0:34
Yes, really, what OGs?



Year 16 Day 81 0:48
Katrina Gomez

original gamers......
its not always about that "thug life"

Year 16 Day 81 0:53
The Year 0 Day 1 people? I would be surprised if any have been consistently active since then, although I'm sure a handful check in now and then. Join dates aren't public information, though, so who knows.



Year 16 Day 81 1:11
Katrina Gomez

what about Year 0 Day 0

Year 16 Day 81 1:58
Read the first few sentences here.