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Year 16 Day 82 17:27
I received bunch of these events when Haven went under:

Year 16 Day 81, 17:00 The faction Haven Recycling Corporation that owned the EVS Construction Droid HEVS-148822 that you command, was dissolved. The vehicle was confiscated to be auctioned off.

My question is, was it always like that? I was under the impression that faction assets went to assigned people in the same manner they do when a character dies.


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Year 16 Day 82 18:41
No, as far as I recall the faction assets have always gone to the market - it's only player assets that get sent to pilot/commander.

2.4/ Effects of the Dissolution

The faction assets are sold to the market for their current market value, after a random delay between 7 and 31 days for each asset. Specific factions assets (see list in Factions: Faction Assets) will be destroyed after being sold. NPCs owned by the faction become owned by the supervisor, manager (if there is no supervisor) or become unowned if there is no manager and supervisor. The value of Raw Materials in the faction is not included. The money gathered with the selling is called the bankrupt capital. Each player owning some stocks of the faction will receive some money as follow. If one owns X stocks, then one will receive:

- Faction Dissolution


Year 16 Day 82 20:19
If a player is in a faction entity, it might be made over to them. otherwise off to market it goes.

Year 16 Day 83 3:54
Ah fair enough, thanks.


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