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Year 16 Day 90 15:13
Daehd Moroz


I can't open the Live Chat IRC in any browser, it shows a black windows, a small ad on top, but then i stays that way.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

Ever sincerely yours,

Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz


Ever sincerely yours,

Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz
Year 16 Day 90 15:40
Several people just tested it across different browsers and no one reported any issues so I'd suggest checking to ensure you have javascript enabled in your browser and aren't disabling scripting. I'm not sure what software you might have installed that would interfere with javascript applets otherwise. Maybe it's blocked through a firewall or router settings? You can also check mibbit's website to see if anyone else is reporting similar issues. It's a third party program so there's not much support we can provide.



Year 16 Day 90 15:45
Bambl Cata

On that note, what's up with the Mibbit client redirecting to fake java updates now and again? Expected it from adult websites and what not, bit weird Mibbit is allowing it.

Year 16 Day 90 15:55
Kendall Holm

It happens ... a lot. Get an ad blocker


Year 16 Day 91 17:04
Bambl Cata

Ah, good. Not just my PC then. ;)

Year 16 Day 94 14:30
Aturgot I`lihs

Update your programming SWC. Mibbit launches just fine, it's this website that's bugging out the launcher.

I've cleared caches, tried different internet browsers, tried incog mode on Chrome, Live Chat WILL not launch.

So instead of saying it's okay and it works, why not try and fix this game breaking issue.

Not being able to contact the Player base en masse is game breaking IMO.

But yeah it doesn't work for me either.

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Year 16 Day 94 14:48
Its hard to fix something that isnt broken for the majority of players. I know Ive occasionally used it over multiple computers, and other use it rekgularly. So there must be something specific to your setup that is preventing the client from loading.

Year 16 Day 94 15:08
Aturgot I`lihs

I have a friend who is a network engineer and he tried to make it work and it will not.

The Javascript isn't properly loading.

He suggests to look at the Javascript.

BTW I am using Java 64 bit.

As I said before, is working just fine and I can load everything.

Maybe as a temp fix, you could make a link to the mibbit page.

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Year 16 Day 94 17:08
Kendall Holm

We dont have code for mibbit. Its all handled by them. We just link your info to them and they set it all up. So its not our problem its yours or mibbits. But it is working just fine for me.

And for future reference. Java is not javascript. They are not even close to being the same thing

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Year 16 Day 94 17:29
Aturgot I`lihs

Well it's broken for me.

Can one of your guys tell me your settings so I can reset everything to default and basically load your settings?

Pardon the typo, all "Java" references I mean to say "Javascript".

Year 16 Day 94 18:35
Kendall Holm

From reading other complaints, a lot of peeps are stating it was an addon on their browser. Specifically ADBlock.

As for my settings I dont use anti-virus, I have a fire wall what ever comes with the OSes on my computers. Those can cause issues esp anti-virus and if you have a high grade firewall as they tend to be very anal. As for my browser I use Chrome on all of my computers with adblock apng and a ruler plugin


Year 16 Day 94 19:07
Kendall Holm

also you can go here and click on launch client then on the next page next to the drop down select server and in the block type in select your nick and channel and you are in that way as well