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Archives » Faction Ownership via Stocks
Year 16 Day 120 0:42
Thwim Dobis

After reading through old post and what not I understand enough about how the stocks work. From this I've come to understand that all you can do as a Faction Owner is protect/unprotect faction assets and change leadership. But as far as controlling or running the faction (makeover privs, etc.), you get no say. So I ask, if you were the owner could you join that faction (or have someone else join it for you), change leadership to him or yourself, and then be able to take control?


Year 16 Day 120 1:10
Loftano Drak

If you own the stocks, you can make yourself the Faction Leader.

Year 16 Day 120 1:28
Thwim Dobis

But you would need to be in the faction first, correct?


Year 16 Day 120 1:36
Blot Hlidskjalf

you can only be the leader, when you are in the faction. that's correct.

Year 16 Day 120 2:09
Thwim Dobis

Cheers for those clarifications.


Year 16 Day 120 2:44
Ichiru Hanabusa

Actually the owner can set any freelance person as the leader

Year 16 Day 120 3:21
Thwim Dobis

Mmm that's good to know.


Year 16 Day 120 16:49
Loftano Drak

To clarify, if you made yourself leader outside of the faction, then you automatically become part of the faction.