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Year 16 Day 132 22:59

I an attempting to create a character and I am still waiting on my handle to be approved. This has been for almost 4 days. I'm trying to record this game for Youtube but this isn't giving me a good impression of it. Can I please just get my name approved?

Year 16 Day 133 2:23
Ichiru Hanabusa

ill be honest with you here, you aint gunna get much video on combine

Year 16 Day 133 2:33
Azasia Rix

Have the same problem - but maybe they do not want any more players? - I'll give them a few hours - then I think I have done my duty and will find another rp

Year 16 Day 133 4:13
Ichiru Hanabusa

if it takes over 24 hours you probably flagged as a potential multi account so it has to be done by an ASIM rather than normal join team

Year 16 Day 133 4:54
Azasia, your handle was approved.

ID 222081, your handle, as it has a multi IP match and since you supplied the name an Asim has to handle it, the regular join team isn't allowed to touch it. This usually takes longer.

Also as Ichiru said, there isn't much to youtube here, since everything takes hours to complete.

Year 16 Day 184 12:12
how long does it take for a character to be aproved????

Year 16 Day 184 14:43
You ARE approved

Year 18 Day 73 17:51

Old thread.