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Christian Hall

If I have a 7.5 in the attack skill for the appropriate weapon, and my target has a dodge of 2 or less is there any chance whatsoever of my target dodging?
I looked at the chart but I would like to be completely sure there wasn't some hidden random factor involved.

My understanding (from other topics) is that you are never assured of getting a hit. Since your roll (1-100) must be less than the threshold listed in the table, a roll of 100 would be a miss. Even with a very high attack skill against low dodge skills, there's about a 1% chance to still miss.

Bambl Cata

Not sure how the combat rolls are calculated, but 7.5 attack is actually pushing dodge off the table according to the rules. I would think that rolling any number against a target with 0% dodge chance would register as a hit. Best thing to do with that table is reverse the numbers and call it a dodge chance table, so a dude with 3 dodge is gonna have a 3% chance to dodge against you.

I have a question about having 7 attack versus 7.5 (or having the extra 0.5 at all); according to the table the extra 0.5 doesn't increase chance to hit whatsoever, so to cap accuracy I guess you only need to get to 7 combined attack skill (5 and 4). Not sure if spending 4 points on capping PW/NPW/LSC skills is going to be worth it for the minor damage increase. I'm regularly hitting for 23 damage with a Force Pike with 0 NPW skill.

Remember that weapon skills don't only affect hit chance. They affect crit and damage output too (and A/E resistance for quite a while still). If you are only using weapon skill for the hit chance, then you certainly may not find it useful, potentially even before you level the skill to 4, depending on how you choose to prioritize stats.

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Bambl Cata

Is there anywhere I can view the damage and crit chance increase given per point of weapon skill? I find it weird I am regularly hitting for max damage of a weapon with 0 skill in using it, although I admit I have never seen a crit.

I guess there must be a lot of RNG involved, for someone with 0 NPW to hit for max weapon damage.

Both are in the equations section of the ground combat page (although I believe crit chance is skill + 1%, not skill - 1%).



Bambl Cata

So technically 1% base crit up to a max of 6% with the skill capped, so spending 4 points on capping a weapon skill would yield an extra 1% crit and what seems to be a negligible damage increase (unless 5 in weapon skill guarantees max damage whenever you hit, but that doesn't seem to be the case).

Would we be looking at a crit buff at any point, since damage has also been nerfed quite heavily with the firepower vs. armour rating change?

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Bambl Cata
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Daehd Moroz

"The base damage dealt by a weapon is determined by its min and max damage and the attacker's weapon skill. The weapon modifier is 1 + skill/10. A random number between the min and max damage listed for the weapon is rolled and scaled by the modifier, and the result is clamped to the weapon's max listed damage."

so with a weapon skill of 5 you'd have a weapon modifier of 1.5, a 50% increase in whatever damage you rolled, and the roll is random I guess by the new rules.

So now it actually matters what mins and maxes the weapon have, if the gap between them is big then the damage you deal is more random and unexpected. And with a weapon skill of 5 it's increased by 50%. Which sounds pretty good if you ask me.


Ever sincerely yours,

Quarrenoghri Daehd Moroz
Bambl Cata

So with 5 in weapon skill you will always hit for at least the average damage of a weapon, not so bad when you look at it like that. But 4 points for a 1% crit and 10% damage increase (if RNG doesn't roll in your favour), think I'll hold on to those 4 levels.

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I doubt crit chance will be buffed. Crit is quite powerful, so doing so would make weapon skill rather overpowered, as (assuming you hit), it's the only way to improve your weapon's damage output and gain an offensive edge over an equivalent opponent.




The modifier system scaling and clamping is unchanged from before; it has just been described in the rules for the first time now.


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