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Year 16 Day 147 7:37
Geran Nightshadow

Hey, I noticed the link for isn't working and it's a double CP link. I've been clicking on it as I go through the list when I do my CP voting and it just won't load no matter how many times I try. Did you guys know this was a broken link and is there any chance of it being fixed/removed anytime soon?

Year 16 Day 147 8:10
Kendall Holm

Yes we know and dont really care as you shouldnt either. It still gives you the CPs


Year 16 Day 147 8:24
Geran Nightshadow

It doesn't seem to give any since the color of my CP's still shows up as green, but I'll double-check tomorrow to make sure I'm not mistaken.

Year 16 Day 147 11:51
Kendall Holm

It does ... our site gives the CPs for clicking our link regardless if they work or not. I do not think the color thingy works at all I think I remember a bug about it


Year 16 Day 147 13:15
Ichiru Hanabusa

i think the issue is toprpg is a backwards incentive site so it actually checks if you vote, so as we cant vote the cp thing stays green

Year 16 Day 148 6:52
Nyural Stayt

I gave it a try now and no CPs are awarded for the mentioned link given its backward incentive status. Same goes for the other backward incentive links. CPs get credited to the account only when the actual vote is made for these types.