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Archives » Can you be a Jedi in this game?
Year 7 Day 132 18:12

Im in the process of joining this game, but i would really like to know if you can become a jedi, cuz thats what id like to take on. Please reply back.

Year 7 Day 132 19:41
Bryce Armadala

Yes, you can, but you must be force senstitive. Depending on what race you are, you have different chances of being force sensitive. Not everyone is strong in the Force. Like, if your a Human, there is a 5% chance of you being Force tested. If you go to the Rules tab at the top of the screen, then scroll down untill you see the Race Profiles link, you can see every Race and what % they have of being force sensitive. Some have a 0% chance, but the highest chance you have is a 5% chance. Some races, like a Hutt, have a 0% chance of being force sensitive, but a Human, Hapan, and Alderaanian have a 5% chance. Notice: some Races on that page are NPCs only, so you can't be one, like a stormtrooper or a Ewok. To know if your Force Sensitive, you must be tested, but I've never had any true intrest in it, so I don't exactly know where...

Year 7 Day 132 21:56
You need to be tested by a force sensitive player with proper force skills to test you. None I'm aware of do public testing so you'd need to find out through your faction if they have any contacts. Otherwise you're out of luck.



Year 7 Day 132 22:15
Rika Lawson

It's also save to assume, after creating the character, that you're NOT force sensitive.

Year 7 Day 133 2:09
Aiden Cook

If you're just joining because you want to be a jedi. You won't get much out of it expect not to be force sensitive

Year 7 Day 133 15:12

"highest chance you have is a 5% chance" - No, the highest chance you can have is a 6% chance.

Anyway, theres a reason games have rules pages:

Race stats:

Force Rules

Though admittedly the latter page will experience major changes the relevant parts to this situation are fine. Basically you have a chance of being able to use those force however you shouldn't expect to be able to.


Year 7 Day 133 20:40
Bryce Armadala

huh? Which race has a 6%?

Year 7 Day 133 22:47



Year 7 Day 133 22:53
Aiden Cook

There should be another one that is 6%

Year 7 Day 133 23:05
Rika Lawson

5%, 6% what's the difference? One mere percent? Oh please. The majority of us will NEVER be FS. Period.

Anyway, this isn't the forum to discuss FS percentages...

Year 7 Day 134 0:25
Aiden Cook

It could be the same thing like in a race there usually only less than a second to decedie 1 and 2

Year 7 Day 134 3:17
Rika Lawson

O_o... Sorry, this is my personal opinion, but if someone choses a race just because of 1 mere percent in the FS probability... that's pathetic.

Considering what kind of species the Gand are, the fact that they have the highest probability makes sense. Now consider how many Gand there are as PCs and how many humans...

Anyway... moving on...

Year 7 Day 134 3:37
Aiden Cook

People might only join for hoping of being a Jedi and if that keeps them for playing these game for a 1 or 2 years they should have a harder time leaving therefore improving the game...... In a way

Year 7 Day 134 4:10

Humans were lowered from 6%, nothing else is going to be increased.

"People might only join for hoping of being a Jedi and if that keeps them for playing these game for a 1 or 2 years they should have a harder time leaving therefore improving the game...... In a way"

No, offering another 6% chance would not achieve any such thing. To keep people hoping to be Jedi they'd have to be Jedi, making anyone who wants to be one would in fact ruin the game.

Also this isn't the place to discuss it. The questions been answered.


Year 7 Day 134 14:12
Funny, the Guest/Visitor asked one question and it started a discussion?


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