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Archives » Mine depletion implementation
Year 16 Day 159 15:18

12/ Moving On (Mine Depletion)

Mining can affect the land, damaging it. When a mine is depleted there is a 33% risk that the land is damaged and is transformed in either grass, rock, crater, or desert.

From the mining rules page,

Is this implemented? If so, does the equation run per deposit or mine on the deposit?



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Year 16 Day 159 22:07
From what Mikel and Sel were discussing earlier, it's not currently working, and if reimplemented, it may be redesigned a little.



Year 16 Day 160 16:03
I'm glad you found that on the rules, because I definitely couldn't when I was looking for it.

Anyway, not implemented and likely to be rethought to make more sense (like not randomly spawning grassland from desert) if re-added.

Year 16 Day 161 10:55
Deleted Post
Deleted by Paul Luz. Reason: I made a very silly suggestion
Year 16 Day 161 11:33
Like Grassland > Desert or Cave > Crater, Mikel?

Year 16 Day 161 14:44
There's still a city, Paul. No spawns.
Besides, I'm fairly sure it would be a PITA to code something along the lines of remembering that terrain tile was subject to change due to mine depletion.


Year 16 Day 161 23:40
Loftano Drak

We've had a terrain change previously on mine depletion, on a wholly rock planet (10x10) and it changed to pristine grasslands.

This was 5-6 years ago though, so my memory is hazy if this was reported as a bug at the time and whether if the code was stopped or not.

Year 18 Day 73 17:51

Old thread.