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Year 16 Day 175 10:17
Bambl Cata

Seems 2 of the 17 links are now not working. I only get 15 CP rewards from clicking all, and Apex Web Gaming and "Vote at Top RPG" never seem to work.

Will the weekly bonus still work properly?

Year 16 Day 175 10:40
Charlena Halo

I noticed the same on Apex. Top RPG has been down for a while.

Yes, all the other ones will work the same, and as long as you click 4 times in a week, you'll get your weekly bonus.


Year 16 Day 176 13:50
Generally only Veynom can do anything about it.

Year 16 Day 176 19:02
Cait Catra

Maybe we should add a "Questions for Veynom" thread :D

Year 16 Day 178 20:13
If only there were some other way to individually contact a specific person.

Year 16 Day 179 7:35
Cait Catra

But then I might be denied your deliciously contemptuous replies! I can't run that risk.

As an aside, I have these problems as well, and another Double Rewards site that tells me every day that I've already voted today (I'll update with which one in a few hours) and can vote in X amount of hours. When I wait for the next day, it tells me the same thing, with the amount of hours I have to wait being different every day.

Year 16 Day 179 11:54
Lexor Gregain

Yeah, the Apex one will only work for the very first person that clicks it after midnight, Combine time. Gotta be fast ;)

Year 16 Day 179 20:41
Raidan Spike

Uhh, really? It worked for me just now..

"Year 16 Day 178, 20:28 The Top Sites System + 20 Thank you for voting on Apex Web Gaming !"

Year 16 Day 179 20:52
Lexor Gregain

Me too. Must be back.

Year 16 Day 180 11:30
Cait Catra

Apex finally worked for me, too.

Year 18 Day 73 17:51

Old thread.