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Year 16 Day 177 8:01
Are RMs able to be used without ownership?
Thanks for any assistance regarding this matter. Cheers!


Year 16 Day 177 8:07
Kendall Holm

Depends, this is very vague. So I guess a vague answer is due. Yes and no depending on the situation at hand.


Year 16 Day 177 8:23
I have RMs in my possession, but I don't own them. If I were to attempt to use these RMs to build something, might I be successful, or would I be denied usage because I do not own the RMs?

And if there are multiple answers, examples would be appreciated.
I'm not sure how to make my question more specific than this. Thanks.

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Year 16 Day 177 9:07
The only case you can use RMs not belonging to you is if a faction owns them and you are in the faction, producing something for the faction.

If you stole/"acquired" RMs from someone, you cannot currently use them to build facilities.

Year 16 Day 177 9:09
Kendall Holm

In building you can use your own or a factions RM pile if they give you the privs to use them. But you would not be able to use them if they are someone else's as in another players. I guess in all you cannot use other players RMs anywhere but you can use someone elses faction RMs if you have the right privs


Year 16 Day 177 13:26
Thank you both. Cheers!


Year 16 Day 177 20:55
Loftano Drak

Not 100% clear but I'd heard something about being able to use other owner's RMs if you kicked off production in said owner's factories/shipyards. With your own privs applied (manager etc).

The rules doesn't exactly say no in this aspect.

The materials must be (1) in the facility/station doing the producing or (2) in facilities/stations that are (a) loadable facilities in the city* (See Mining: Storing Materials) or an adjacent space station and (b) are operated by the producing facility/station operator, or the person starting production, or are managed by the producing facility/station manager, or are owned by the producing facility/station owner.  

Year 16 Day 177 21:07
Kendall Holm

The entire system uses the same code to use RMs. It looks for ownership then access via privs.