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Year 16 Day 182 20:15
Ryo Zreik

Right to the point, my fire delay is keep resetting. after reach 0, it going back to 1 mins. Why this happen to me? it's the second time :(


Year 16 Day 182 20:26
Kendall Holm

Yep we know. Just waiting for someone to reset them


Year 16 Day 183 3:44
I've had this often and required ctrll=F5 reloading the page.


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Year 16 Day 183 6:32
Kendall Holm

Hard Refreshes will not resolve server side glitches


Year 16 Day 183 14:18
Nathan Miller

Darlene, I believe you may be misconstruing the delay when a timer finishes counting down between server ticks and goes back up to a minute because you have to wait for the server tick to occur for the action to be ended. That is not a bug its simply a coding/server constraint and doesn't require a hard-refresh simply waiting another minute for the action to end.

Someone more technologically minded than me can explain it more accurately with the proper terms but I believe that's roughly how it works.

Year 16 Day 183 16:41
Cron jobs are set to run on the minute, so if you finish at :30 you'll need to wait another 30 seconds, and so on.

The javascript to show the countdown timer sees that you are past your deadline and defaults to counting down from a minute, which is the reason for the one minute countdown in both cases where you're past the deadline for some reason (either server load or the aforementioned tick behavior).

Year 18 Day 73 17:51

Old thread.