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Archives » What happens to entities inside of stations that are being recycled?
Vussek Kaos

I have a situation where I had an entity (in this case a droid) aboard another faction's station. This station is currently set for recycling and as a result it is impossible to access even if you are on the crewlist.

The rules seem omit any information on the topic, but I was curious. Do the entities inside recycled stations also get recycled or otherwise what is to happen to them?

Obviously I am interested in retrieving the droid. But will accept the most appropriate result as per the rules/guides.

Entities inside facilities get destroyed. I can't imagine Station-recycling would be any different.

Kendall Holm



Vussek Kaos

Hahaha, thanks for the quick responses.

And can recycling be paused so that someone can enter facilities? Or are they locked out no matter what? Since they are inaccessible during recycling.

Would that *poof* also affect active or inactive PCs?

Would it affect Lost Souls or NPCs?

Would PCs be able to leave a facility set to be recycled?



Kendall Holm

npcs die and pcs will leave or should if its a facil. station i believe they become misplaced and would have to be placed once they come back and complain.


I am not sure about now but A while back when trying to recycle A facility with an inactive player in it I wasn't allowed to.

I had to arrest them and move them myself. not sure about droids or npcs.

As for boarding A wreck it is impossible as long as it is being recycled...Stop recycling and you will have the equivalent of A damaged ship, enter/exit normally (just damaged).




No recycling will start with PC(active or inactive) on board.

NPC lost souls count as NPCs.

Once recycling is started you can not enter entity, however you can stop recycling and board entity(entity it self will be damaged for 50% so you get less RMs once R. is finished next time).

Once recycling is done, EVERYTHING that was inside is removed from the game forever. RMs from station recycling are placed in cargo containers.

Wrecks only happen after ground combat, recycling does not make wrecks anymore.