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Archives » HELP PLEASE! potential npc market flaw or otherwise questions on functionality
Xanxus Drol

Rm is sold on the npc market, presumably by players directly rather then death OR factions dissing etc.

Raw materials can be sold directly when the rm is located within an npc owned starport or other facility.

This creates problems for me as it leads me to wonder the following

1. Can we therefore give NPC admin faction a starport to allow rm pickup to sell to the npc market via this method?

2. Can the buyer access the rm, or are these npc facilities set to allow anyone to be operator etc?

If the answer to 2 is that their is no access to cockpit, could we give npc a starport and be left commander so people can be given access? Would that also make the port no travel accessible?

EDIT: Changed Title because I feel like people are ignoring me even though its more of a "nobody knows" type deal but this is driving me nuts so please somebody say something! lol

Edited By: Xanxus Drol on Year 16 Day 206 22:20
Yes this has been known ever since the ability to sell RMs to the market was implemented. I think some people suggested ways to either recover them but you'd have to look at the suggestions forum.

Probably the reason you haven't really had a reply is that it isn't really a flaw or bug but something that was done at the beginning.

You could try making a suggestion if you can't find one to add to.


Simkin Dragoneel

Nope. I completely admit to ignoring your question.

1. There are NPC owned facils on every race Homeworld. RM can be sold in them or in any of their ancillary buildings that are NPC owned.

2. To pick them up a person needs to submit a support ticket for an ASim to handle to get access.

Why this is NOT an issue:

Selling RM's to the NPC market is for the exact cost of RM's listed on the Rules page for mats, e.g. you aren't going to make any money doing so. You will LOSE money since it costs more than the listed price to get materials.

The NPC market is not designed for players to make money, it is a credit sink that is finally fixed. It isn't set for players to be able to sell stuff for profit, that is all player driven.

So only fools sell RM's to the NPC market. The few that do the buyer can get access from support tickets.


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Ben Camden

Well, some people could mine some of the useless things like Rockivory in order to re-prospect and sell it simply to minimize losses. And there's still deaths and dissolutions of course.

However, since one can use support tickets currently, would it be an idea in the long run to use NPCs and scripts?

A market owned Boxstacker in every market owned facility that can hold RMs, whom can be interacted with to load any RMs someone owns?


Senior Governor Ben Camden
Regional Government
Simkin Dragoneel

During dissolution's/deaths materials are located in whatever facils/ships/stations they were before. So then getting said materials is still firmly within the normal Player interactions, or you also bid on whatever the container of the mats is since it is probably up on the market as well :P

With rockivory being used for droid parts now, tis a simple thing to offer to sell an amount of it at a little above cost in bulk to someone who wants to produce a large amount of them which makes you something instead of a loss.

Still used so little I don't see any priority in changing the current system when there are so many other things needed for NPC scripting.


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