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Archives » Data cards why can I not see them?
Year 16 Day 229 14:29
Gorlyn Boggs

I can not view the datacards in the stations/factories I own. I keep getting this when I go to look at them:
You do not have the required datacard privileges to view or manage faction datacards.

They facilities are owned by me not any CMG


Year 16 Day 229 14:40
Victor O`Cuinn

Are you trying to view them through the Facility inventory page. Or are you clicking the datacards tab?



Year 16 Day 229 14:41
It's a known bug for personally-owned stations, I believe.

Year 16 Day 229 20:37
I can see the DC's assigned to my personal owned SY's just fine so it's not a personal owned SY bug.

Year 16 Day 229 20:50
Darian Dash

Are you trying to view PERSONAL or FACTION inventory?


Year 16 Day 229 23:09
Sevk Ill`er

This is already bugbased. You can't view personal station DCs unless you have the view faction DCs priv.

As a warning to factions, if you allow someone to view DCs, they can also buy and sell DCs.

For now, wait for a fix.


Year 16 Day 230 14:07
Gorlyn Boggs

Looking at personal


Level Five Facility Operator
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Year 16 Day 230 22:06

Should be updated now.


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Gorlyn Boggs

Yep it is working now. TY


Level Five Facility Operator
Level Five Recycler / Repairer