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Archives » Question about going generic
Year 16 Day 229 15:51
Brand Malden

So I'm looking at the generic DCs, and I have a couple of questions.

There's a member requirement, and a slot useage listed on most of the DCs(not the e-pod or brayl, they only take slots). How many slots does a faction get?

If a company has 7 members and they select a 4 member requirement, does that mean they only can take a 3 member requirement item after that?

Edit: Just realized I have one more question. If someone purchases the Arquitens Light Cruiser DC when they have 7 members but then later drop to 6, does it get removed or stop working since the member req is 6.5 for that?

Edited By: Brand Malden on Year 16 Day 230 11:42

Year 16 Day 230 5:17
Charlena Halo

Would like to be a little clearer about this myself.


Year 16 Day 230 12:01
Brand Malden

And, I get to answer some of my own questions, found out via IRC. Slots are the member requirement, members required is the running total of how many members you'd need to purchase the DC including the DCs you already own.


Year 16 Day 230 12:25
Charlena Halo

So total members = slots.

So if I have 8 active faction members that equals 8 slots.

And the member requirement is the total active members to purchase.

So a T-Wing Interceptor is 1.5 slots and a Pinook Fighter is 1.5 slots. That means I have to have 3 active members to hold those Dc's. The 3.5 member requirements means I need to have 3.5 members active to purchase it.

Hope I got this right.


Year 16 Day 230 12:50
Yeah, from our testing on Dev back before all hell broke loose, and from Sevk's and my inquiries with factions about what their Buy Generics page looks like, that's all correct Charlena.

Year 16 Day 230 16:45
Brand Malden

I'm still not sure what happens if you drop below the slot requirement, and if there's a grace period at all for that.


Year 16 Day 230 16:48
Charlena Halo

I believe you keep the DC's. You just can't buy anymore unless you sell the current ones or get more members.

Also, this is going to be a boon for the sitters.


Year 16 Day 230 17:08
Darian Dash

Arquitens Light Cruiser
Slots: 3.5
Cost: 17,500,000 credits
Members required: 3.5

The members required for the Arq is actually 3.5.
You only think it's 6.5 because you still have the epod and brayl DCs so the tally comes up to 6.5.

I sold our epod and brayl so that's why it shows up for me as only requiring 3.5 ;)

The 'slots' is a calculation for the cost of the DC i believe and is 2.5m for 0.5 slots though it looks like it may be a redundant feature as they are the same as the member count.


Year 16 Day 230 18:44
Slots is Not redundant, just a clear depiction of the number of members you need o support that dc.

And yes, the Cost is exactly 5mil per slot.

Charlena again has the correct info (as last heard and tested by me) regarding dipping below the active members you need to buy DCs. You do not auto lose the DCs, but of course you no longer meet requirements to buy new ones. The Asims/Admins will be monitoring for abuse of this, so don't be cute. You can bet they won't be happy if they have to implement dissolution timers for generic DCs because of yahoos who hop piles of people to buy a bunch of dcs and hop them out again.

Year 16 Day 230 21:55
Darian Dash

Yeah you're right Kay.
The slot always stays the same but the member count adds all your DCs together and tells you how many members you need for the next DC.