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Year 16 Day 236 5:40
Darian Dash

Do they stay on the entity once it has been sold?


Year 16 Day 236 5:56
Year 16 Day 236 6:18
Ichiru Hanabusa

are these actually working, i heard that the menu to apply them isnt showing up when on production screen

Year 16 Day 236 6:21
Well, the menu shows up but the images are only applied to items and maybe droids. For ships, i know the process works but once production starts and the ships are spawned, the default images are set.

Year 16 Day 236 6:29
Ichiru Hanabusa

has it been bug based?

Year 16 Day 236 7:40
I haven't looked

Year 16 Day 239 4:08
Thali`a N`ightshade

Can't see it Ichi


Year 16 Day 239 12:04
Zrosh Echas

Are images applied to factions, only able to be applied to ships once they are built? Not whenever they are faction owned?


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Year 16 Day 239 19:10
Apparently it is for DCs that the faction owns and gets applied during production - not any entity in the factions inventory. However it isn't being applied properly.


Year 16 Day 240 5:47
This has been working for us and our droids for a long time..



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Year 16 Day 240 7:08
Confirmed then, it only works for anything that comes in a cargo container (items and droids). It does not work for ships as I've confirmed that myself. I've not yet tried vehicles, but i'm assuming they also wouldn't work.

Year 16 Day 240 7:08
Kendall Holm

Yes but please stop refering tot them as DCs. DCs do have customs and people will try customizing them thinking that is the way to do it. Then complain when we tell them no.


Year 16 Day 240 16:53
Uh, I'm sure Jevon stated that the faction custom image in the CP exchange was for faction DCs so that they had different images from the rules image when produced.


Year 16 Day 240 18:11
Kendall Holm

uh yeah no. DCs are actual objects and you can customize them but if you try to custom one with an entity image will will decline it. On our screen it says Data Card and the system has no way currently to tell the difference.

Its just a faction custom image. Thats it. Calling them DCs can cause peeps to get confused and give us a headache with tickets complaining about the system and or people denying the images.

Edited By: Kendall Holm on Year 16 Day 240 18:17