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Archives » Never ending force training failures.
After training an apprentice for a while I'm now on my own and trying to force train. Ever since I've been on my own I haven't had a single successful training and it's been about a week now. I've never gone that long without a success so I'm concerned something is wrong. Is it possible that there is a bug or am I just incredibly unlucky?

Naomi Felian

Most likely just unlucky, as my force trainings on the dev server were successful from time to time

After training as an apprentice, solo-training is going to look like a long bout of extremely bad luck. It's not - solo training is 20 % chance vs. apprentice training which ranges (but likely was close to 90 % for you).

And of course, that's just % chance on each train - not a quota or guarantee that you'll pass 1 in 5.

Gorlyn Boggs

Your force training is looking Grimm.


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its perfectly normal, it can almost be a cause of celebration to succeed sometimes.





I'm so glad I trained Syn to post that Dilbert comic for me.


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Venari Haliat

You just can't Force it to do what you want.

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Peter, don't worry. We've all been there and had long stretched where it seemed we couldn't successfully Force train our way out of a paper bag. You should look for the thread in the Force forum where Forcies took turns comparing how long they'd gone without a successful result. Mine was 27, IIRC, and there others higher than that.

I can assure you, I've been able to Force train this week without too much trouble, and part of last week as well. So, it's working.



Venari Haliat

Once you exit a long sting of bad luck and you see the red icon, you feel like you are the king of the world, and then you return to the string of depression that is force training.


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet