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Year 16 Day 242 8:38
Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

Is it still possible to claim lost souls? If so could someone tell me how.


Year 16 Day 242 9:02
Blot Hlidskjalf

It is.

Write Ellias Aubec a nice request and provide your Character-ID and the name of the lost soul.

Year 16 Day 242 22:31
Yep still do it. Send the details as above and so long as it isn't already player owned I'll make it over.


Year 16 Day 246 3:25
Argo Viridian

When claiming a lost soul, does that lost soul then become a properly usable NPC?
Same race likely. Do the all the skill points remain with the NPC, that the former character had?

Or will it become like a custom NPC with scrip-table responses?

Best would be to allow both, which would make useful in game- as well as in role-play.

Edited By: Argo Viridian on Year 16 Day 246 3:28
Year 16 Day 246 5:40
As far as I am aware the Lost Soul NPC type is functionally the same as the Custom type in terms of what it can do and what skill points it has. It does not have the same level/skill points as the PC that died. You can add a script I believe.


Year 16 Day 246 6:11
As far as I can tell they keep the skills, at least they used to. Can't be scripted though, its why they made new class for them. People were complaining about their ex-PC being scripted or something like that.


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Year 16 Day 246 15:43
Lost Souls retain the player level and gain the "lost soul" NPC type skillset.

Edit: It doesn't appear to be displayed on the rules, presumably since lost souls can't actually be hired like the other NPC types, but it's the exact same template as for most of the civil types of NPCs, like potential mayors and such.

Edited By: Syn on Year 16 Day 246 15:45


Year 16 Day 247 22:04
Bambl Cata

Don't you have to be at the lost soul's location as well? Or can anyone just claim an ex-PC when they know they've dropped?

Year 16 Day 247 22:37
Venari Haliat

You have to give Elias a DM.


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Year 16 Day 248 0:20
You need to have "access" to it. If it's on a ship you own, or you're at its position, or have it under arrest or something.

If that gets abused, the people abusing it will probably not be thrilled with the outcome.



Year 16 Day 248 3:19
Technically, I have no ability to tell if you have access to it. However generally you don't know it is a lost soul unless you've seen it. However if people do complain that someone claimed it with no access that will be severely looked at.