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Archives » Returning Player having an issue
Year 16 Day 248 13:55

I'm Ric`Zix Xichiz, and I've been gone a LONG time. I decided to see what's going on in SWC, but I cannot seem to get back in. Wrong password it seems. So I asked for a password recovery, but it hasn't arrived. And you can only change it once every 24 hours.

Now onto my questions-
1) Is it a manual/slow system and I'm just being impatient?
2) Is it possible it got sent to the wrong email address? (I think I remember every character being tied to ONE email account, and it says my email account is in use. I'm just wondering if it changed so that you can change email accounts after creation)
3) Am I dead and the system doesnt know what to do with a dead Yam`rii?

Year 16 Day 248 13:58
Password recovery doesn't work last I knew. Poke someone in the help channel on IRC.

Year 16 Day 248 14:40
For some reason you don't have a preferred email address set. Does the niteminnow email work? If so I can set that as your preferred email and have a new password sent to you.



Year 16 Day 248 14:44

That's the one. I was instructed to make a bug report out of it, so you can find it there also.

Year 16 Day 248 14:45

err, nitenminnow. Doesn't let me edit, curse you Guest account!

Year 16 Day 248 14:54
Okay, that was more tedious than expected on mobile but a password should be enroute.



Year 16 Day 248 14:56
Ric`zix Xichiz

Thank you Syn! Although the support ticket system is news to me, I had created a ticket that needs to be ignored/deleted now.

Thanks again!

Year 16 Day 248 14:58
No worries, I'll close the ticket.