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Year 16 Day 251 22:08
I have no clue where to post this so I'm putting it here. Does SWC use any social media at all? I know some factions have it but I couldn't find it on twitter or facebook so I was curious to know if anyone knew if we have it and if not why?


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Year 16 Day 251 22:51
There's a subreddit (r/starwarscombine) and a G+ page. A few IC profiles can be found on G+ too.


Year 16 Day 252 0:50
There is also a facebook group, just search for "Star Wars Combine" to find it.

Year 16 Day 252 4:29
Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss

If I remember correctly there's also a twitter but I think all it does is tweet out new GNS/Sim news posts if it's even used anymore.


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Year 16 Day 252 4:54
Kendall Holm

There is a twitter account it used to tweet more than just news it used to tweet development progress and what not


Year 16 Day 253 10:00
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Year 16 Day 253 10:06
Kendall Holm

I helps not to use Acronyms


and this is no longer maintained as it was connected to SVN which we dont use anymore



Year 16 Day 253 13:44

The commit twitter feed was disabled after twitter pulled some of the third party access and basically killed the group that provided the service we used. This was around the time they acquired some of those companies and then made all those features exclusive to official products only.

I don't know who has control over the twitter accounts or the facebook page, so there is no access for us to post things from them.


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Year 16 Day 258 7:37
Thali`a N`ightshade

Does Jennifer Dreighton not look after the facebook page?


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Year 16 Day 258 7:48
Kendall Holm

I have not seen any activity from her for a while now. not sure about the Facebook page


Year 16 Day 315 19:48
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