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Year 16 Day 266 15:17

at least cardwell did stuff

these admins these days only post once a month

Year 16 Day 266 15:19

you have to be a freind of a admin on irc to get anywhere

and they will help you out, a free ship here a free ship there

Year 16 Day 266 15:21

2534 active members
239 are online

does this ever change?

Year 16 Day 266 15:25

some of the coding targets from 5 years ago still havent been finished

says it all really

Year 16 Day 266 15:26

who uses irc anymore

a bygone app for a bygone game?

swcombine needs to get with the times,

scrap this joke and start a game on facebook

Year 16 Day 266 15:33

you look at the rules page and think geez they have put in alot of effort

the rules pages are the best thing about this game

he implementation is terrible

Year 16 Day 266 15:35

i wonder how much veynom has made from the combine?

you dont see much of him these days

Year 16 Day 266 15:37

why do they concentrate on stupid shit like the holocron, is it a delaying tactic?

just code the combat, you have had 17 years

Year 16 Day 266 15:39

any game that you spend grinding little xp taking weeks months and years is not really a game at all

Year 16 Day 266 15:42

i like to keep my eye on the Joined within the past 24 hours:

the people you see you will never see them again, they come and go like the wind

sometimes i think there actually bots

Year 16 Day 266 15:44
Ichiru Hanabusa


Year 16 Day 266 15:48

yep no one cares about the combine

Year 16 Day 266 15:49

i know you are happy to wait another 10 years for combat

by then you will be long gone from this game

Year 16 Day 266 15:55
Venari Haliat



There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet
Year 16 Day 266 16:04

ive scene alot of people come and go

they make there banners they make there character history and storyline, they get real into it then 3-4 years later they get tired of the combine

Year 16 Day 266 16:09
Lexor Gregain

It actually seems you care a bit too much. Ok, you don't like the game, so what? Move on, it's just a game. Someone who didn't care about SWC wouldn't care enough to rant on like this. They would simply quit. You are only emarrassing yourself.

Year 16 Day 266 16:09
Ichiru Hanabusa

im 5/6 years in and not tired, your "awesome fb games" cant be that good if your on our forum

Year 16 Day 266 16:10
Cait Catra

/me grabs the popcorn, offers it around

I'm dying to know, who is nico?

Year 16 Day 266 16:11

im sure you love spending your days on irc too ichura

Year 16 Day 266 16:14

just a man from the old CCom days who lurked around for many years and got sick of the combine slowness

i hope people still dont donate, u are just paying for holidays overseas for the select few

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