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Year 16 Day 268 8:17
Lucmark Warren

It can be a stupid question(i tried to search if it was made on another topic but found nothing about it) but, since the curiosity doesn´t leave me no matter how i try to ignore it, there goes the question... Why the Spacetrooper Armour is classified as a ship instead of armour? I mean, the way it was done it can´t be used like a armour would and it´s kind of the "worse fighter" on galaxy, it´s something related with coding?

Year 16 Day 268 8:41
Reason: Armour (Item) can't have sublight speed. Also, weapon types are the only items that have weapons (it's a coding thing there).

If we reclassified the Spacetrooper Armour as an Item, it'd be basically useless.


Year 16 Day 268 9:10
Lucmark Warren

This limitations can´t be fixed(with enough time, after all more important things are done)? I don´t understand anything about programing, coding and such, so i´m sorry if the question is "stupid".

While turn the armor into a ship solve the issue in a way, it still quite a useless ship, and even if had better stats, it would escape the "purpose" of a space armor. If were possible to implement it as a armor with sublight and weaponry, improving the "code" would be better no?

Year 16 Day 268 9:20
Kendall Holm

Entities are stored in tables. Each type of table has defined fields that are in columns. Think an Excel sheet. Items dont have the required fields to store the values that would make the armor function. Ships on the other hand do have these fields. We cannot just add fields to a specific record, you have to add an entire column so even if we added the column to the items table it would be bad design as that armor would be the only thing using that column


Year 16 Day 268 10:25
Kuro Neko

I had some Spacetrooper Armour, and it was fun to fly around system in it, but got boring pretty soon (so I traded it).

Perhaps the Spacetrooper Armour could act as a fighter, as it does now, but be given the ability to allow the pilot to board a ship (break into it...) Perhaps it only requires the ability (coding) to force oneself onto crewlist after a successful 'boarding attempt'.

Of course, this would be unbalanced, as the GE have Spacetrooper armour, and would essentially be the only group able to board ships....


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Year 16 Day 268 17:56
Mingolo Mingolonio

There were several ways to board ships in canon (the old one anyway), one of which involved using space suits (like the Spacetrooper Armour) and plasma cutters/explosives to blow your way in through a weak spot, but that wasn't the only method available.



Year 16 Day 315 19:23
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