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Archives » Support Ticket Number (how to find)
Crane Baxa

Just having a general problem finding it. Submitted two of them and cannot find where to pull it from. Checked my e-mail to see if it be in there but not there either. Is there something I am missing?


Ichiru Hanabusa

you wont get the number until someone replies (a bug i think)

although if you've submitted a ticket before and still have its number, log into the system with that then it will list all your open tickets aswell

Xarlande Rekloda

Once one of your tickets has been replied to, I recommend saving that email, as it will (as Mr. Hanabusa pointed out) give you access to any and all tickets you might have now or in the future. I still have mine and use it to check on anything I've submitted.


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Cait Catra

Also your browser will likely save the ticket number(s) in a dropdown if you click on the space where you enter the number, once you've entered it manually one time. That's how I check mine.

Crane Baxa

Still no e-mail. It was for a multi-account just in case me and my friend cross paths on any wifi network since we go hang out every Saturday. It is coming up tomorrow but I think he is out of town this week plus a comic book convention be in a town thirty minutes out, a charity event.


Im not sure if they actually reply to multi tickets or just leave them there for future reference. need an asim to confirm this.

We're working on an updated multi system that should be much less painful, as well. Generally as long as you file a ticket and aren't actually illegal multis you don't have to do anything else.

Crane Baxa

Alright, thank you Mr. Bianchi! That worried me greatly @_@