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Archives » Being forced to speak German in SWC?
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I kind of have a problem with another player.

The guy only wants to speak to me in German, and has blatently said to me that he will not respond to my messages unless I speak German.

I have tried to explain to this player OOC that speaking German in the Combine ruins my fun, as German is not an IC language. I told him he could speak Huttese, Jawa, Old Corellian or even Bocce and that would keep the conversation IC and would maintain the Star Wars experience for me.

I also told him that should he have trouble speaking any other languages, we could perhaps work something out.

Heck, I even sent him a Protocol Droid as a gift, so we would be able to work out the communication problems.

But his response, in German, is that if I don't speak German to him he will not speak to me.

He did put it politely though. But in German.

I don't want to speak German. It ruins the suspension of disbelief for me.

Does anybody have any opinions on the matter?




Yke hyon fhars oblivyn cnous oblivyn.
My suggestion: Don't interact with him. If he feels he has to create arbitrary restrictions on communication that have no in-game reasoning, then you shouldn't have to interact with him or else you lose enjoyment.

Kendall Holm

Go somewhere else. Stop torturing yourself.


I wouldn't deal with this person or whatever faction is supporting them.

Diese Person klingt wie ein dummer Esel.

While I agree with Jev that the smart thing to do is just avoid confrontation where possible, I think getting bent out of shape (and creating said confrontation) over German not being a SW-Canon language is silly if that is all that prevents you from just completing whatever business you have with DM-Deutsche-To-Me guy.

It might be better to try to accommodate another human being* and let the small matter of there being no German-Aliens in Star Wars go than view this other person as an arbitrary dumbass and cut ties.
*even one who doesn't want to accommodate you

If OP doesn't actually speak German, then I've misunderstood the situation, and there's no question that it's too much of a pain to translate back and forth, so go with Jev's suggestion. Doesn't seem like that, because if comprehension were the issue, it'd be the Main issue, not secondary to RP concerns.

RP wise: When non-human races RP their words in English but say they're speaking in their race's language, it doesn't ruin it - it speeds communication. OP is choosing to assume that the language the other player uses to communicate is equivalent to the language his character is speaking. IE: Since I cannot speak Verpine, OP's position would be that Kay is automatically speaking in Basic if I DM OP. You have a choice to not be so off-put by such a tiny detail, and you can hold onto your ire, or let it go and maybe have some fun with DDTM.

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Venari Haliat

Google translator


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Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet
Ethan Travis

I thought huttese was supposed to be German


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
"My suggestion: Don't interact with him. If he feels he has to create arbitrary restrictions on communication that have no in-game reasoning, then you shouldn't have to interact with him or else you lose enjoyment."

That would be the most polite way to put it. I am not native English speaker and many times I've had to reach for help of wiktionary and similar stuff in this game. Still, I believe that insisting that you speak German to him would be equivalent of me insisting that people speak Serbian with me. Game is international and English is the most logical choice for this game. Those who have trouble with that, in my humble opinion, are idiots that hold grudge against English language, or simply have too high opinion about their own language and their own nation.

There, I've tried to put it politely too.

Ethan Travis

Somebody should add support for the Aurebesh signs.


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
The reason I had to deal with this person was because he had captured two of my NPC's. I tried to talk this through with him, which resulted in him demanding I speak German, as I mentioned above.

I explained my views on the matter and yesterday I pointed him towards this forum.

Today he has executed my two NPC's.

I'm appalled by this reaction.


Yke hyon fhars oblivyn cnous oblivyn.
Year 16 Day 285 10:08
So what you really needed was for this guy to agree to release your NPCs, and you wasted time and ire by pouting that his native language isn't SW Canon instead of just talking to him. You tried to cajole and then argue him into speaking English with you (IE: He should make the OOC effort, not you) - even though you can speak German - and then tried to use a biased and selective description of events in this thread to gain community agreement with your position he acted improperly.

None of the steps you took brought you closer to getting your NPCs back. You lost sight of your real goal and ended up losing all hope of achieving it.

You need to learn that it's more important to get what you really want than be acknowledged/validated as arguably or technically right. You spent all this time causing yourself angst OOCly in order to try to retain what little additional immersion not having to talk to this guy in German would have given you.

Acquiesce to trivial demands, regardless how unreasonable they might seem to you, and you might get what you want from people with power over you/yours/things. At the very least, you would have minimized your angst instead of magnifying it by seeking out people to agree with you that DDTM is a _______.

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English has always been the accepted language of SWC. It should be enforced as such. There are MANY players past and present who learned English through this game.

Naomi Felian

It should be enforced as such 

Nope to that as the players themselves have the freedom which language they want to use. To enforce it would actually be the same as telling you to only speak german or french with me like in the situation now.

Edited By: Naomi Felian on Year 16 Day 285 12:17
I would like to point out that I do not believe English should be enforced. If people have trouble with the language, I will gladly accommodate them in any way I can.

After all, we are all here to enjoy this game, aren't we?

What I consider offensive is somebody forcing me to use an OOC language. And thereby prohibiting me from enjoying the game.

The npcs didn't matter to me. Once your npcs get arrested, they are gone. I still have a few hundred more, so two don't really matter.

I was even content to let him gloat or just play all super bad guy and roleplaying to his hearts desire. That is also what this game is about for me. There is no winning and losing here, it's the interaction within the Star Wars universe that does it for me.

P.S. English isn't my native language either.

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Yke hyon fhars oblivyn cnous oblivyn.
"I will gladly accommodate them in any way I can" - Except by speaking to DDTM in German, like he wanted.

None of the other RP stuff matters, since, barring more information you've held back, all he wanted was for you to speak to him in German. Who cares if you were willing - or offered - for him to gloat or RP in a certain manner? Did he ask you to do that? Did he say it was for RP purposes that he's speaking in German? It's not accommodating a hungry man to offer him water. You completely ignored what he wanted - something you're complaining he did to you, and yet you're insisting you're the aggrieved party because he didn't want to converse with you in English.

You've said he was polite, so how did it turn into him language-raping you? How are you so irate with the situation as objectively described? I see the language you use in your posts: blatantly, demanded, appalled, offensive, forcing... I see you repeatedly allude to his problem being one of discomfort with English. If it is difficulties with English causing his requirement, how does ICly sending him a Protocol Droid, or any other manner of RP assistance help him?

Don't let other people's requirements for interaction offend you or get your hackles all up. The Proper Advice still stands, but with the addendum that you really need to learn how to compromise and still enjoy yourself - especially if you're going to be as fastidious as you claim to be.

Is it at all possible he's demanding you speak to him in German so he can clearly understand you? Perhaps he might only understand English enough to know that you want something, but not what, so he's demanding German, and since you understand German enough (or, from what I gather, it's your native tongue), maybe he just wants the ability to have a conversation with you.

What if the roles were reversed and the guy just all of a sudden started speaking to you only in spanish? Perhaps you're fluent in it, but perhaps you only know enough to acknowledge that this person wants a conversation with you, but you can't do such while speaking spanish only. Your options would be to ignore, to demand he speak in a language you understand, or (and I don't advise it for anyone except the quack trolls that keep telling you to do so) use an online translator.

Obviously, if the guy was holding your NPCs hostage and saying "talk to me in German or I kill these things," that's a different story, but to me it seems all that's desired here is a conversation on a level playing field with clear understanding by both parties.

Nope to that as the players themselves have the freedom which language they want to use. To enforce it would actually be the same as telling you to only speak german or french with me like in the situation now. 

Then the player base would significantly shrink. Like it or not, English is essentially universal.

When combat comes and orders to depart a system are sent in English, will people demand that it be sent instead in German or Korean? People playing the game should expect English to be used. The site's in English. The rules are in English. The history is in English. Non-native speakers ranging from Veynom and Togan to the players of the Kuat family all speak English in the Combine. Even Crog has traditionally brought his own unique blend of English to SWC (just kidding with you, Crog, miss chattin' with you!)!

Sorry, but I wouldn't join a French SWG server or an Italian RP forum and expect them to speak English to me. If I was that interested in them, I'd try to pick up the language and conform, melding into the player base.

There should always be the expectation in SWC that one will speak English.

Ethan Travis

Here is the thing. He maybe was fine without English , in the commune of some sort , and then the person comes and demands the release of NPC in english and what not. Like previous post stated, if he really wanted the NPCs back he should have more complied. If not - then ignore, because the non-english speaker didnt start the conversation and demanded something, it was the other way around. He maybe had no wish to even speak outside his group. That is why there are different mentorships and international groups where you can live fine with bare english.

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''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Imagine if I'd only do middles or CPM registrations if people contacted me in German ... or even better, the local dialect I grew up with!

Now imagine everyone doing that with their primary language/local dialect.

Okay, so here's the thing...

On a whim I decided to try a search on the character's name. And guess what?

It turned up all of his forum posts. And they were all in English.


Yke hyon fhars oblivyn cnous oblivyn.
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