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Archives » Too many last Last Names the same!
Canderous Ordo

What are those last names like Tamerin, Lawson, etc.?!?!?! Like I have seen a lot of people having their names as Tamerin such and such. And could I make something like that with other people?

Some people choose to take the same name as another player in order to claim kinship with them. For example: The Tylgers, the von Ismays, and Bob and Rika Lawson. There are many more.
If you want to convince other people to create characters as your IC family, that's entirely up to you. Some people like it, some people think it's a little wierd and/or an attempt to rip-off the Tylger-von Ismays (since the two families actually aligned by marriage).

On a mostly-unrelated note, the other Breden in the game is NOT related to me, regardless of what she is/was attempting to claim.


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Canderous Ordo

You know I think that is really clever to make a kin like that :)

Bryce Armadala

Go Weskers! :)

Canderous Ordo

I was thinking of making the Savo family....

the Darklighters are a good Sized clan.....I'm sure we're all related in some weird way...but I've only had one person I claime das an IC relation and he was my IC cousin....but I s'pect I've got Brothers and sisters in the RA, as I claim Huff Darklighter as a Father......god knows how many other people do as well.....the man had like 80 children....makes one wonder how he had enough time to farm...

Canderous Ordo

Wow, he was sure working with his wife!

Closing this, since this is not a discussion forum.