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Year 16 Day 294 20:45
Thank you for finally actually checking the code. Now we know for sure and no more guessing who is right and who is wrong. Seems most of us were wrong after all lol.

Year 16 Day 294 21:23
Kain Eckert

That's completely different then I've been told before & have trouble believing it.

Year 16 Day 295 2:10
Darian Dash

Can a volunteer be given access to dev and given comp ops 100 or something like that so they can do some 1min prospecting tests and see?
Even better if something like that is possible on this server and let someone go play testing on a darkness planet.


Year 16 Day 295 8:53
What possible purpose would giving someone insane comp ops skills serve? It wouldn't be a reliable indicator of anything possible in the actual game.

What might be helpful would be someone with comp ops 5 and max mining sensors prospecting a square, not finding anything, and then using the dev tools to continuously re-prospect the square and see if they eventually do discover a deposit, which would prove our current belief that it's possible to find a deposit on every square in the galaxy if you prospect it enough.

Year 16 Day 295 12:38
Deleted Post
Deleted by Gilbert Reed. Reason: Error: Plan Failure. Needs Reboot.
Year 16 Day 295 14:16
I can do that i giving access to the tool. This does seems very logical to me. That finding a deposit is all about arbitrary chance!


No. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.
Year 16 Day 295 18:04
Darian Dash

It was just an example Mikel so someone could prospect faster than normal to do the same test you mentioned.
Sorry i'm not familiar with dev tools so i don't know if you can mess with timers instead.


Year 16 Day 296 8:15
Kendall Holm

I put it into debug and this is what I found:
1.) Yes it allows you prospect as many times as you want it doesnt save anything or reset anything.
2.) It makes a roll that is seeded by your position in the galaxy. What does this mean? Well it means that you are rolling with a one sided dice. The random number is the same 100% of the time.

So with highest OP skill and sensors you are guaranteed RMs in a square with the first roll if that random is low enough. And if you dont find anything the first time with highest op and sensors you never will


Year 16 Day 296 9:01
Okay, so what happens when someone prospects a given location with a Computer Operations skill level of 1 and then progressively increases their skill level? Is the random number generated by the first prospect attempt used for all prospect attempts that happen after?

For example, someone with a Computer Operations skill of 1 rolls a 32% at a given location and does not discover a deposit. Then someone with a Computer Operations skill of 5 comes to prospect that same location, would they roll the exact same 32% or will an entirely different random number be generated?

Year 16 Day 296 9:23
Kendall Holm

There is no roll really. The dice is one sided meaning it always lands on the same side. So there is no point keep prospecting the same square. You prospect it with the highest OP and scanners and move on.


Year 16 Day 296 10:14
A figurative roll, not an actual roll. I was asking since it was mentioned earlier, and also many times in other threads about this same subject, that people were having others prospect the same location; starting with someone that had a low Computer Operations skill followed by someone with a higher Computer Operations skill thinking that they would have multiple chances to find raw materials.

I assume that the first person that prospects a location sets the threshold score, since I have prospected locations that others were certain were prospected before and ended up finding a raw material deposit. Most likely due to a higher sensor/Computer Operations skill than the first person.

Year 16 Day 296 10:48
Kendall Holm

Yeah no, it goes by location and is the same for everyone no matter what they have or how many people tried before


Year 16 Day 296 14:05
Hmm, maybe we weren't wrong after all? Now we're back to the conventional thinking. Are we sure this is definitive? No more hidden bits of code stashed away in some back corner?

Year 16 Day 296 14:56
Kendall has no reason to lie about this, Jay, plus he has all tools necessary to make this call.

I sat on IRC and watched as someone else ran tests on dev over and over on same square. After about 11 negatives, Kendall went to check other tools and this is what came of it.

Definitive answer = Highest Comp Ops and sensors, if nothing, move on.

Year 16 Day 296 15:07
I'm not saying he's lying, not in the slightest. I'm not even sure why you would think I meant anything of the sort. All I'm asking is if there is more code in a strange place and unfound.

Year 16 Day 296 16:31
The tools Kendall has access to takes into account the entirety of the code. He runs it in debug mode, it'll pop up errors if there's random code buried elsewhere that would affect the outcome of what you're asking. Even if he only takes a snippet and runs THAT in debug mode, and that doesn't show any errors, there's the fall-back of having someone on dev check over and over, which, as I said, had been done.

He would've mentioned if the other person checking wound up with different results than what he found in his looking into the code. They didn't, so he gave the answer that would settle this issue.

Maybe there is a random chance that something is buried in there that will affect the outcome, but it's so insignificant as to not even need to be part of your decision-making process when it comes to deposits. Prospect once, with high comp ops, max sensors, if nothing, then move on.

Or spend an eternity trying to find out if the code is screwy or not by prospecting over and over and over again.

Either way, asked and answered.

Year 16 Day 296 17:19
Kyran Caelius

- A coordinate has a threshold.
- Any CompOps + sensors combo which meets that threshold will find the deposit.
- Comp ops 5 + 12 ground hogs is the maximum combination.
- If you do not find a deposit on a square with that set-up, then a deposit does not exist at that coordinate.


Do prospected squares which come up empty, ever re-roll?


Year 16 Day 296 17:24
Kendall Holm

no the seed is based on the location you are sitting at. The only way for it to change is to move the entire planet. But again it is never set so it would be kind of odd that it would reset.


Year 16 Day 296 17:58
Darian Dash

Thanks for clearing that up .
The only time i've seen anything different was after the galaxy shift.
I guess the co-ordinate part of the the calculation gave a sort of reroll then but i haven't noticed anything since.

Is the 'possible terrain change' part of the code still working when you deplete a deposit?
I haven't had that happen in a long time.


Year 16 Day 296 18:45
Kendall Holm

That I dont know. That is another system entirely. But from when I last ventured through it appeared to do a roll to figure out if you found any more.


Year 16 Day 296 19:29
Cool, Thx or digging deep and confirming what most of us had seen happening. It would also be interesting to know if the terrain type change is ever gonna come back active.

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