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Year 7 Day 137 19:27
Canderous Ordo

Hello, I need my handle changed. My name is part of a video game so I can't use it. Can a sim help me change my name into Junn Savo?

Year 7 Day 138 9:21
What would you like your name changed to?


Year 7 Day 138 9:50
Joe he said, "Can a sim help me change my name into Junn Savo?"

Year 7 Day 138 16:51
Canderous Ordo

Yes i did. Now about the Junn Savo... He was my guy before but i accidently put in the wrong e-mail adress so I did not get the password for him. This was when I was 9. I was really stupid and I did not know what my e-mail adress was. So that is why he has no species yet and does not have his stats, bio or descriptions. But I sware to god that he was mine! Cross my heart and hope to die!

That was my favorite name I liked so that is why I picked it. But then when I got no respond back after 1 day I started getting frusterated. So then I found out that my email adress was kirvcho@earthlink.net but when I put my e-mail adress for Junn Savo, it was kiran@earthlink.net.

I know you might not believe me with this sort of facts but I AM telling the truth! That is why when you look him up in players he had no species he picked yet nor his stats!

1 year later I made Canderous Ordo, forgetting the rules. So that is why I want to change my name to Junn Savo. You gotta believe me on this!

Year 7 Day 139 9:40
First, creating a second account when your first still exists results in the creation of an illegal multi. You should have contacted the ASims or posted here to have the e-mail of your original account changed so you could access it.

Second, since the account exists, you can't have your handle changed to it since two accounts can't share a handle and accounts are not deleted.

Third, you didn't quite wait a year - inactive level 1 accounts are purged after nine months of inactivity and that account still exists.



Year 7 Day 140 15:25
Canderous Ordo

So I just wait 9 months then change it?

Year 7 Day 140 15:30
Or you get banned for being an illegal multi?


"May the Grace of Ara go with you, and His Vengeance be wrought upon your enemies."

Only fools and children dream of heroes.
Year 7 Day 140 17:11
Canderous Ordo

But, my e-mail adress was not right! Ok, fine, ban me...

Year 7 Day 140 22:55
Zero Turner

names arent that bad.....and your best off getting executed by a faction and waiting 3 weeks to get a new one. Patience is a virtue.



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Year 7 Day 140 23:19

Or just choose a different name to change to...


Year 7 Day 141 6:15
Canderous Ordo

Naw I will just stick with my name for a while thinking of something

Year 7 Day 141 18:23
Canderous Ordo

Now I think I know a name I would like to have just to get my dumb/stupid name out of the way. My new name I want to have will be Zen Savo

Year 7 Day 143 12:29
Please e-mail assistants with the name you want to change to and the reason, including the mishap with your other character so we can get this taken care of. Thanks, sorry for the wait.


Year 7 Day 143 16:00
Canderous Ordo

So I could e-mail for instants, you?

Year 7 Day 145 7:04
Got your E-mail, I will try to get to this at the end of the day. Thanks! Sorry for the wait. Closing this Topic.