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Archives » Creature/Bandit spawning & respawning
Came up in a bug report, and the Rules are silent on this issue.

Do Creatures/Bandits despawn at any time when a PC is present? I vaguely remember reading somewhere (old Rules page maybe) concerning the Creatures' behaviour patterns (Aggressive meaning it will actively close the distance to its attack range with PCs and initiate combat if able; Passive meaning it will move randomly unless attacked, and THEN will close to attack range and attack; Fleeing? meaning it will actively flee when attacked 'to the edge of the map'), but a cursory search revealed nothing.

So do 'badly wounded' creatures or those in a 'flee' behaviour status ever despawn at the edge of a map? If so, would new squads ever spawn While a PC is present?


We removed the creature behavior information because it wasn't implemented, iirc. If it comes back we'll add new information about it.


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