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Year 16 Day 302 6:09
Razyel Aravek

Not really sure where to ask this as it isn't a Combine-specific question, goes:

1. Do Barabels have flat faces or longer more reptilian snouts? I have seen depictions of both, but I guess it could just be natural variation in the species.

2. Do Barabel females have breasts or not? I've seen depictions of females both with and without. The species are cold-blooded reptilians by nature and as far as I know they lay eggs. It isn't impossible that they could still breast-feed hatchlings, but does anyone know for certain?

Going though the pictures of Barabels on Wookiepedia examples of both can be found for each of the above contradictions. Basically, I'm not sure where to find information as to which facts are canon to the biology of the Barabel species. Does anyone here know? Thanks.

Year 16 Day 302 6:53
Whichever you prefer is the way it goes. When my friends and I play pen and paper RPGs we laugh at the fact that reptilian creatures have breasts for the females even though they don't lactate, so we just refer to them as their egg sacs. Makes as much sense as anything else.


Year 16 Day 302 7:03
I actually looked around at the wiki barabel images. From what I saw the vast majority of the females were breastless. Skahtul seemed to be the obvious outlier, however her cash strapped nature could make me think that the armor might have been for general females and not form fit to her. Its not just cloth due to a picure showing it as more of a hard shiny surface. So they might be empty breast pockets.

Year 16 Day 315 0:46
Perhaps some females of reptilian races undergo surgery, for one reason or another, in order to appear more attractive to the males of mammalian species? Well, to me at the least, that makes more sense then "egg sacs" in regards to a science-fiction setting.

Year 16 Day 315 6:16
Or maybe they undergo the surgeries to try and look more like the mammalian species. That way they can feel like they blend in more?