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Year 16 Day 305 19:16
Tholme Terik

Does the Commando armour ever drop from bandits? And if so, what is the chance?


Year 16 Day 305 20:05
I believe it is in the mix for bandit fitouts. There is no set drop rate other than the chance of a random item to drop from any NPC.

Year 16 Day 305 21:18
Republic Commando Armour is not part of NPC fitouts.. Yet?

Edited By: Fukara Mist on Year 16 Day 306 6:22
Year 16 Day 305 21:29
Venari Haliat

No, I think he means Republic Commando Armour.


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet
Year 16 Day 308 9:09
From the Hunting section of the Guide, here are all of the available bandit fitouts:




Year 16 Day 308 9:14
lol. The guy with the vertical lockers in both utility slots.

Year 16 Day 308 10:31
I'm imagining


Year 16 Day 310 20:15
Why are the fit-outs only half fitted out, instead of each NPC having max?

Year 16 Day 310 21:01
Just blame Jesfa, he was the originator of the fitouts.

Year 16 Day 310 21:03
Venari Haliat

We already blame Jesfa for everything else, might as well include this. :)


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet
Year 16 Day 311 8:26
Presumably because not every bandit going around with scavenged parts will be fully equipped.

Year 16 Day 311 23:18
Right, but some of them are walking about with guns and not even any clothes. I get that they might not all be having a full load, but can we at least assume our NPCs are carrying maybe a small backpack or something and wearing clothing?

And I'm more than happy to blame Jesfa, but fit outs look worse than if it was just plugged into a random generator. He had to deliberately decide that some of them don't even rate a loin cloth.

Year 16 Day 313 7:57
Listen, if you can claim that you've never run around with your friends naked and toting a gun then I guess we'll let you ask to have them fitted out with the necessities.

Year 16 Day 313 8:25
Year 16 Day 313 23:02
I can't make that claim. :(

Though, if we're going by what I've done, we're going to have to implement water pistols and water balloon grenades.