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Archives » Reassigning in hyperspace- can it result in death?
Chaul Roden


The rules state that if you where to unassign a individual while they are in hyper the hyper trip would be aborted.

My first question is: When the trip is aborted for this reason does the game follow the same process to determine if the ship is destroyed as if you where simply click the abort button while piloting the ship?

My Second question is only relevant if the answer to my first question is yes

Second question:

Player 1 = commander
Player 2 = currently piloting ship in hyper
Player 3 = Individual half way across the galaxy

If player 1 assigns player 3 as pilot of a fighter mid hyper and the game elects to destroy the fighter would player 3 die as a result because he is the "pilot" of the ship or would player 2 bite the bullet?

Thank you!



The first part, yes. The chamce of dropping into a sun or black hole exists if you unassign someone.

As for part 2, if that scenario happened snd player 3died it would be a bug/exploit and would be reversed if it happened, with possible bans if known and intentional. Person 2 would have to die though as a character cannot exist in the space layer.

Chaul Roden

Thank you Jevon!


Yeah that is currently a bug/exploit that reassigning pilot and then sunning will act on the new pilot regardless of where they are in the galaxy. Unfortunately it requires a bit of a rewrite of our movement code so it hasn't been handled yet, but is very easy to detect and will be very, very harshly punished.

Unassigning causing dropout and sunning is a possibility, though I imagine we'll rewrite that a bit as well.

Wow, that's one hell of a bug.


I believe we spliced in something to prevent it killing the pilot but it needs a rewrite.

it wasnt a fun bug to test, trust me.


Chaul Roden

Gosh! Mikel and Jevon sabotaged my plans to assassinate every major player in the game with an army of new players and uglies. :P

The reason that I asked this question is because it came to mind during my reading of Syd Reese's scam thread in the traders lounge. Now that it has been made public no one can exploit the umm feature?

Edited By: Chaul Roden on Year 16 Day 312 14:31

No, anyone and everyone can still exploit it if they wish to face the very, very harsh punishment. Policy is to warn stringently, then sit back and wait for the stupidity to happen.

Kind of like telling your child not to touch the hot stove.

Its also for these reasons that I linked the two threads. There are STILL going to be people dumb enough to try and get by with it. Sad really..