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Archives » No CPs Recieved for Donation...?
Year 16 Day 311 8:05
Going through the PayPal button on the support page I made a donation with my debit card via PayPal, but my CPs have yet to show up... what do I do now?

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Year 16 Day 311 8:25
Literally the next post below you addresses this.

Contact Veynom.

Year 16 Day 311 8:26
Tajis Jitarii (one post below yours forum/thread.php?thread=68912) had the same problem.

Suggested was to contact Veynom.
You'll need to contact Veynom directly, as he's the only one who can confirm through the bank accounts. I don't think he monitors the ticket system.

- Mikel von Bianchi

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Year 16 Day 311 8:35
Would that be via Darkness Message or another means?

Yeah, sorry about that. I only saw the other post after I had created this one. Having a mild panic attack and thinking that "cyberspace had eaten my money and it was irreversibly lost" didn't help with that.

Never had to contact the admin directly before, not sure what channels to go though...

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Year 16 Day 311 9:08
1 - simmaster@swcombine.com

2 - Darkness message: Veynom

3 - Sit around on IRC and hope you see his holo appear and PM him.

Start at 1, wait, if no reply, move on.

Year 16 Day 311 16:02
The issue has been resolved. Thank you kindly for your responses.