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Archives » Assorted Questions Regarding Combat, Weapon Skills and NPCs
After reading though the relevant rules pages, even if merely to clarify I've understood them correctly, I still have a number of questions I'd like answered,

1. Combat Beta. Am I correct in my understanding that creatures/bandits spawn on all planets, but only fight back on Derra/Seccro and can be fought without risk anywhere else?

2. Damage dealt by weapons. Is the damage supplied for each weapon the base damage or the maximum possible damage that weapon can do?

3. Effectiveness of skills. While I understand the formula for hit-chance, exactly how much does the (relevant) weapons skill effect damage dealt?

4. Can an individual with a skill level of 0 (in the relevant weapon skill for equipped weapon) still use that weapon reliably enough in combat or would that be dangerously unwise?

5. Spawning Custom NPCs. Must one be inside of a powered Workers Compound in order to spawn/request a Custom NPC? While the CP Exchange pages says so I've heard conflicting arguments on whether this is still correct or not.

6. Custom NPC pictures. I've heard that the pictures are allowed to have backgrounds and photo-realistic drawings nowadays as long as it's a quality image that correctly represents the race, is that true?

7. If I were to upload a custom image of a trench coat or other long jacket-like garment on the Robe entity, what is the likelihood it would be accepted/rejected?

Some answers/clarification on these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks kindly in advance.

EDIT: Added question #7

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Lexor Gregain

Some questions answered:

1. Creatures/bandits will return fire when attacked, but will only initiate attack on Derra/Serroco. The risk always there for NPCs (they can be killed). There is no risk to you other than ending up at 1 hp.

2. Both minimum and maximum damage is listed for each weapon. This is further augmented by your weapon skill (projectile/non-projectile) and the weapon's firepower vs. the target's armor.

4. 0 in dexterity will make it hard to hit things.

5. Yes, the request is sent from inside a Worker's Compound. The NPC is spawned later, at your location, by an asim.

2. Damage will depend on the roll per hit between the min and max damage. SO all could hit for maximum damage, or just one hit for minimum damage, or anything in between.

4. It won't cause your gun to blow up in your face or other such bad things - just means it is harder to hit.

5. Yep you send the request then can move on. Once I accept the request it will spawn at your location.

6. Yep, any type of background and it must look suitable. Plus the border of course.

7. I'd imagine it should be ok, but you could ask one of the Art team to check before hand (Onasha, Jevon, Kendall).


I suppose my next question would have to be as to how one would go about finding an accessible Workers Compound in order to facilitate the creation of a Custom NPC? Do they occur on Darkness/Quests controlled homeworlds/planets at all, or would one be best to track down a cooperative faction to negotiate with?

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If two duel wieldable weapons are equipped (say a DL-44 in each hand), can a weapon (such as a bowcaster or sword) equipped to the back slot be used as a secondary weapon? Or is the penalty of duel wielding the sacrifice of a secondary weapon?

Nope, that is the penalty you take for dual wielding.