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Year 16 Day 327 2:19
Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody else has been stuck in Fire Delay and how they got out of it?

Doesn't matter how often I reload or refresh it just starts counting down from 1 minute to zero and then nothing happens.

I did try the help IRC but no one was active, and I have started the process to join the bug reporting area but I am not able to do much until I get my verification email sent to me so I can gain access.

Any help would be appreciated.


Year 16 Day 327 2:25
I fear we're stuck in a broken timer again I have the same


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Year 16 Day 327 3:16
Raidan Spike

Yeah, action timers are down. I don't think filing a bug report would be necessary.



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Year 16 Day 327 4:25
Venari Haliat

Force Training keeps looping for me.


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Year 16 Day 327 4:57
Thanks for the info guys and gals - I haven't been through this experience before so it is good to know that it isn't just me.

I'll sit tight until the issue is fixed then.



Year 16 Day 327 6:37
Tal Dorn

It's groundhog day all over again.



Year 16 Day 329 7:24
and again...


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I once believed in causes too, had my pointless point of view.
Year 16 Day 329 8:42
Charlena Halo

I just RP it as my training remote malfunctioned, and is chasing me around the ship as I can't shut it off.


Year 16 Day 331 7:30
It seems it happens every two days :) I‘m also stuck in Fire Delay... And I needed just one more shot :)

Year 16 Day 331 10:35
Lexor Gregain

My question is, how come this never affects the cockpit timer?
I will use the normal <1 minute server delay as an example.

Whenever I go hunting and my fire delay counter reaches 0, I cannot immediately fire again because any click/refresh will make the timer jump back to 60 seconds left. I'm talking here about the normal server delay that happens every time for every action (e.g. crafting, installing doors etc.) and always resolves itself within up to 1 minute (you can either just wait the full extra minute, or keep hitting refresh until it's gone). Let's call this the Groundhog Minute.

However, this perfectly normal issue, that I've learned to live with, never happens with cockpit timer. Why is that? If you are in the cockpit and looking at the timer up to when it reaches 0, the screen quickly refreshes to update your location, and you can immediately click to perform another action or go to another screen and the timer will not reset to 1 minute. But if you are not in the cockpit and instead looking at the side-bar travel timer when it reaches 0 (as you arrive at your destination), any click to any other screen than the cockpit will always reset the counter to 1 minute. You can now either wait the full minute or keep refreshing the screen for up to one minute, OR you can go to the cockpit to immediately to kill the groundhog minute.

So, what makes the cockpit timer so special, and can we apply this special something to the side-bar timer to fix the groundhog minute and perhaps even the groundhog day issue?

Year 16 Day 331 11:35

The cockpit has extra code in it to process any remaining travel actions outside of the normal way in which actions are triggered for processing (via cron job). Other things don't... it could be added in principle, but it also has the potential to create problems when the cron job is running as normal, so I am not going to.


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