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Year 16 Day 333 23:47
Avianus Antornis

I have a problem. I enter in my building and I receive an error message:
Entity has been deleted: 20:1191
An error occurred: Entity has been deleted: 20:1191

And I cannot go out from the room. I cannot move.

Picture direct link:

I announced this the Bug Base, but they said that I should open a support ticket.
So I opened 3 support ticket, but they do not answer.

Any idea?


Year 16 Day 334 2:11
Naomi Felian

Support ticket is the only way to get out and only one is needed, not 3...

Year 16 Day 334 4:08
Avianus Antornis

I did not get feedback for my email address then. I sent it for this three times.
A week of it does not happen slowly nothing. Annoying. :/

Year 16 Day 334 6:29
Naomi Felian

You will only get an email when an admin edited the ticket, not on creation

Year 16 Day 334 8:23
Avianus Antornis

Ahh i don't know this.

Year 16 Day 335 10:10
I tried to fix it from my mobile but don't want to accidentlied delete you, when I'm back at a desk tonight I'll fix it

There's a few items on the floor that are owned by something that doesnt exist so the page gets confused and fails


Year 16 Day 335 11:36
Avianus Antornis

Ahh all right, thanks. :)

Year 16 Day 335 16:12


Year 16 Day 336 0:21
Avianus Antornis

Many thanks. You are the best. :)