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Archives » Will Alderaan be destroyed sometime?
Since this does take place in the imperial era, it would make sense if it would.


-Buruktav the Bothan
Venari Haliat


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- Star Wars Combine Timeline
The character, Grand Moff Tarkin, never existed so there was no one that wanted to destroy Alderaan (currently Player Characters not withstanding).


Year 17 Day 12, 20:20 You have been arrested by Guinar Ndengin.
Year 17 Day 12, 20:24 You have been released by Guinar Ndengin.
Ethan Travis

You should ask one of the Sim Masters about it.


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There is only one SimMaster.

However, whether Alderaan will be destroyed is up to the players. Someone needs to develop a superlaser-equipped ship, move it to the Alderaan system and fire at the planet.

If the planet's dodge skill isn't too high, the superlaser operator might get lucky and his hit might destroy it.

We are not movie canon.

So there we have it! Once RD is out, all we have to do is RD a superlaser. I think I'll call my ship of mass destruction The Love Star.

And Alderaan will not be my first victim.


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And in fairness, Alderaan fired first.

Ethan Travis

Quick somebody find that gif!


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''