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Year 17 Day 17 20:27
"The Meeting Hall" has become rather dead and barren. I remember there always used to be RPs of all kinds happening there with a large number of people participating between them... So, do people around here actually role-play anymore, like the good old days I remember so fondly from not that long ago, or is the Combine just dead when it comes to imaginative choose-your-own-adventure community-driven literature?


Year 17 Day 17 21:21
Perhaps you should look at/in the scenario hall...or white scenarios...or factions with role-playing on their own forums...or review all those lovely GNSes about role played incidents...or the swap meet/expo/anniversary/celebration IRC channels...or DMs that are sent between faction liaisons....

The list of ways to RP in this game are endless and are very much alive. The fact that you're using the MEETING HALL as the only place to review role-playing or actually role-playing is rather saddening itself.

You may have missed when we had that other godawful forum with rampant god-moding and sub-par RP, but since moving away from that, the Scenario Hall has been installed and is probably your best bet for active RP on the forums.

Year 17 Day 17 21:49
I've always been under the impression that access to the "White Scenarios" was restricted and only for special IC events/occurrences and that the "Scenario Hall" was an RP Training Ground. As for faction forums, I doubt they'd let random sentients in just to Role-Play. From my experience no one ever Role-Plays in DMs, but I always do, maybe the people I've dealt with over the years have just been really lazy about it... or just don't care to...?

I know this is probably a really stupid question, especially considering the 7+ years I've been playing the Combine on and off, but... what is IRC and where/how do you find/access it...?

As for one's "fondness" of the casual RPs from the "Meeting Hall", it's more of a childhood memories thing... but I was disappointed to find they no-longer seem to exist.

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Year 17 Day 17 22:40
Ethan Travis

Role-playing takes time, a commodity that is lacking


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Year 17 Day 17 23:02
Click that little "Live Chat" button at the top of the page, Azuriel, and it'll bring you to IRC.

That's where ALL the best players hang out. (Conversely, it's also where all the shittiest players hang out.)

Year 17 Day 17 23:08
"I've always been under the impression that access to the "White Scenarios" was restricted and only for special IC events/occurrences"

No, not restricted or special. Though they move fairly slow, they're the thing for RP with a lot of detail and depth.

"The "Scenario Hall" was an RP Training Ground."

Seems a little backwards, Meeting Hall's more of a training ground whereas Scenario Hall's more like the real thing.

"As for faction forums, I doubt they'd let random sentients in just to Role-Play."

Some do, some don't. Generally factions that value RP do.

"From my experience no one ever Role-Plays in DMs, but I always do"

I know people that do, and admire it. It's just that so many of my damn DMs are about RP's, that's impossible.


I'm talking all that jazz
Year 17 Day 17 23:44
How does one join a White Scenario then?

Also, is there a guide or something like that anywhere that describes the codes and commands for IRC and how to claim a nick/handle thing?


Year 17 Day 17 23:54
IRC questions can be directed at the folks in #swc-members (for just general how-to questions) or #swc-help (for help-me-obi-wan-kenobi... questions)

There is indeed a list of commands that you can access to claim a nick and begin using IRC, but each IRC program has different ways of typing those commands out. Ask in the rooms there, and people should/will help you.

(Remember to ask nicely.)

That will get you the basics of setting up and registering a nick. For a program I recommend using Mirc. Just google it.

Ethan Travis

Everyone is using that IRC thingy or other apps also ? Like Skype and etc?


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Year 17 Day 18 11:50
Joining a white scenario requires registering for a yuku account. Then you'd go down to the Scenario Proposals subforum and look for ones that are still open to join. I don't think there's one open right now likely to run since one just started last night, but you might be able to contact that GM to get added in if they can make an exception or if someone drops. Otherwise, you may have to wait for the next one.


I'm talking all that jazz
Year 17 Day 18 12:47
White Scenarios:
Pretty Formalized, and taken seriously (mostly). You can think of it as a Play-by-Post RPG, with dedicated GMs, moderation (ideally), and CP rewards for GMs, and decent XP rewards for characters.

Go to the White Scenario Boards and read through the publicly viewable scenarios about midway down, as well as the Rules. You can sign up there, or sign up at for a more global-preservation of your nick across any Yuku community.

I also strongly suggest that you Subscribe to the Scenario Requests section of the White Scenario Forums. That way you'll get email alerts whenever a new Scenario request is open, thus enabling you to jump right in if you wish, without having to constantly check the forums.

Scenario Hall:
It's a less-formal version of White Scenarios. Typically one Player will act as GM, but they can also (and often do) play their character. Everybody gets XP rewarded whenever I or Syn get around to scoring the posts based loosely on the WS Scale criteria (in this case it runs from 0 - 20 xp per post, and it's a rough scoring). Scenario Hall Rules make it reasonably clear.

Year 17 Day 18 13:30
As for RP in general, I'm sure there are lots of individuals, such as myself, that stay in somewhat of a constant state of RP, regardless of what they do or where they are (within the Combine). From DMs to the Scenario Hall, to the edge of the galaxy and back, these are the stories of our lives. This is how we live (Role Play).


Year 17 Day 18 20:56
Umm... program, so is IRC browser-based or a desktop run program/app...?


Year 17 Day 18 22:13



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Year 17 Day 27 2:12
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