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Year 17 Day 33 10:50
Hello, I have not been on the combine in a few years now and when I logged in i found myself on a ship that I cannot control nor exit(probably somewhere in space). I have been stuck on this ship trying to find a way off. I tried contacting the owner with no response nor knowledge of his/her name. I've messaged people who own items on the ship and people who have recently been on it for a possible coordinate. I don't need to be removed from the spot by an admin I was just hoping they could somehow figure out the ships coordinate so my faction could pick me up. Any help would be appreciated. The ship is called The Dorn Executive and its a YT-1300.

Year 17 Day 33 11:25
Victor O`Cuinn

that ship is owned by Nath Alcal, last log in was Year 14 Day 164. Last kown location was at.

Sector: Phu
System: Candoria (-82,-80)
Planet: Candoria (8,13)

I hope this helps.



Year 17 Day 33 11:30
That is exactly what I needed. cheers mate!

Year 17 Day 33 12:47
There is also a contact owner button on the ship. It will let you DM the owner of it.


Year 17 Day 33 13:12
Victor O`Cuinn

The owner has been I/A for almost 2.5 years, also he said in the OP that he contacted the owner with no response. (Most likely b/c he is I/A... ;) )



Year 17 Day 36 16:41
Well, I finally escaped the ship with the help of the Mecrotica Conglomerate. Many thanks to the Admins for the help finding my location!

Year 17 Day 36 17:48
Victor isn't an admin, just a friendly neighborhood snoop :P

Glad you found your way off the ship.

Year 17 Day 36 17:55
Victor O`Cuinn

LOL, snoop?? I prefer collector of information. However Aliias, Weylin is correct, I am not an admin. But I am glad you are free and able to explore the galaxy once more.



Year 17 Day 36 20:18
Victor, I am suddenly picturing your ship filled with newspapers, magazines and computer print outs ala Hoarders.

Year 17 Day 37 17:37
Victor O`Cuinn

Haaaa. Perhaps.



Year 17 Day 39 11:57
Xarlande Rekloda

Or 5 massive computer screens with lines of data and a tablet that calls up queried data from his homemade database...


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