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Year 17 Day 43 0:49
Echinsu Ocha

I tried to reset some images for stuff. Some let me ,some did not.I own,possess, and am in direct contact with items/entities, but it says "You do not have access to this Entity"
They are:
Droids ID# 10387 & 15697 battle droids
Station ID# 4272 trade 2
And items ID# 429587 & 428077 flight suit & helmet

Tyvm, Ely

Year 17 Day 43 3:33
Sounds similar to this bug; http://bugs.swcombine.com/view.php?id=2616
Fixed, wait for next sync to take affect

- Kendall Holm

Edited By: Aria T`Dashi on Year 17 Day 43 3:34
Year 17 Day 43 7:26
If kendall finally fixed this it will be happy days. This a bug that has existed for s few years now, and always required art team intervention.

Year 17 Day 43 8:35
Kendall Holm

I did ... just needs to wait for the sync


Year 17 Day 78 23:50
Echinsu Ocha

Do you know when the next sync is?

Year 17 Day 79 5:50
The fix was synced on day 50, 19 days ago.

Year 17 Day 80 1:34
Echinsu Ocha

Then sorry,it's not fixed yet.hopefully next sync?

Year 17 Day 80 1:36
Echinsu Ocha

I saw that the flight gear has no current image, but the station and droids do.

Year 17 Day 80 6:00
Walk us through how you are trying to reset it, maybe there is a disconnect somewhere.

Also, I am not sure what you mean in your second post.

Year 17 Day 80 10:42
Echinsu Ocha

On the cp exchange page,there's a custom image section where I should be able to reset default images.it let me reset some old images for customs that went blank or ended in a bad link, but not for some.if you look on the items/ships/droids pages, some images say"no image available" such as for the suit and helmet.

Year 17 Day 80 10:49
That means the image has no large image, it still has a small image. Can you make over the items to me, and I will try resetting them? I can do it through art admin tools, but I want to make sure there is still some underlying issue.

Year 17 Day 81 10:55
Echinsu Ocha

Made over.
I also have three NPCs , but can't find the button where to choose public image choices.

Year 17 Day 81 11:05
I reset all images with no problem. Did you select the proper entity type when you did it?

Year 17 Day 81 11:17
Echinsu Ocha

Ya. The station and droids said I had no property rights. Thank you Jevon.Can you fix my NPCs?

Year 17 Day 81 11:35
Cait Catra

Select "Race", NPC isn't listed in that menu for some reason

Year 17 Day 81 11:49
Echinsu Ocha

There used to be a button after you hit the view NPC skills, or the write script button.don't know when it changed.each NPC had at least 2,sometimes 4 choices for NPC images depending on race.

Year 17 Day 81 13:01
Oh that. We do not offer that anymore, it changed after we switched from class to race system.

Year 17 Day 81 13:28
Echinsu Ocha

I have 2 custom, and 1 bartender NPCs that are all human females.how would I get stock images back to them? I no longer have a PC, and play on a tablet. I have no art program asto submit new custom images.

Year 17 Day 81 14:21
Look at them now, tell me what they are showing

Year 17 Day 81 15:18
Echinsu Ocha

Just blank.

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