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Archives » Repair/Shield Regeneration
Year 17 Day 45 7:24
Tal Dorn

After having a ship repaired, the shields have not regenerated.
Is shield regeneration working and if not is it a bug that should be reported?

I posted something eluding to this in the recent suggestion topic; "New Positioning System"
- "The recommended hyper travel... well can we finish some other recent implementations before installing this? I mean it would be nice if the "new" Repair system would finally include shield regeneration before the new hyper system allows for; " obstacle that damages your ship, ...".".

Selatos, thankfully answering some questions (outstanding), in the same topic referenced; "Repair does work, it was released sometime last year. If there are bugs they should be fixed.".

Is shield regeneration a part of Repair? Is it working for any others who have tried repair?
7/ Shield Recharge
Shields recharge at a rate of 2% of the maximum shield value per hour.

If maximum shields are 2000, 2% of 2000 is 40 points. Therefore, the shields will recharge at the rate of 40 points of shielding per hour.



Year 17 Day 45 7:34
Kendall Holm

Shields are not part of repair. When I implemented it, I did not include that. But f the rules state they are to recharge then you bug base it.


Year 17 Day 45 8:31
Tal Dorn

Kendall, thank you.
Before jumping the gun on this and going to the bug base, do you know if it actually is a bug since it was not added or rewritten with Repair?

Or if the shield recharging was/is to become a separate action rather than a part of Repair?



Year 17 Day 45 8:51

There is a shield regen part of the code, but perhaps it hasn't been extended to include ships yet, for some reason. The rules on shield regen are somewhat inconsistently written--they will all operate the same way, but they are actually written to behave differently in multiple places. Droids and facilities with shields should regenerate currently.


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Year 17 Day 45 11:09
At the moment the code only has droids and facilities regenerate shields.

So yes, shield regeneration is working as coded, it just does not affect ships at this time.


Year 17 Day 45 12:42
Tal Dorn

Thanks Selatos and Ted.

So, will it work; "before the new hyper system allows for; " obstacle that damages your ship, ...".?



Year 17 Day 46 21:29
Shield and ionic recharge for ships will come before the hyperspace changes, yes


Year 17 Day 51 3:20
Tal Dorn

Thank you everyone involved!!!!! Now we are ready to go dust crops and worry a bit less about those pesky "obstacles".

Sync Report Year 17 Day 50
- Updated to reflect actual shield and ionic recharge values.

- Added ship and vehicle shield and ionic recharge