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Year 17 Day 45 18:21
So I've been wanting to set up to start hunting and felt ready. I have a a280 rifle and a squad of level 7 rifleman armed with power armor and a295s. I also have a sprint fully equipped with tanks and enough refills and patches to last awhile. But now I can't find anything. I read the guide and saw it mentioned scouts so I went and bought two squads of scouts. I've begun setting them up but for some reasons I can't see through them. Like sensor sharing or something. What am I doing wrong? Or is it possible nothing is spawning? This is empty terrain. No slab. Thanks for and help


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Year 17 Day 45 18:45
So I ended up finding bandits. Pure luck I saw them. However my visible range is only 3 squares. I can't attack that close. How can I increase my visible range without taking a year to level my character?


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Year 17 Day 45 18:50
Lexor Gregain

Use macrobinoculars. Or equip your scouts with macros and get yourself a sensor pack, then you can see what they see. Placing 4 scouts strategically on the square gives you full coverage.

Year 17 Day 45 18:59
Use NPCs with sensor packs equipped. You will also need a sensor pack to share sensors. Getting some macrobinoculars will increase your sensor range by 5.


Year 17 Day 45 19:07
I've already placed like 8 scouts lol. Guess I have more crap to buy :(. Thanks everyone


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Year 17 Day 45 20:11
Is it the energy sensor pack I need?


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Year 17 Day 45 20:50
Lexor Gregain

Go for the multiple sensor pack.

Year 17 Day 46 13:04
Got it thank you. Just to find someone selling now lol


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Year 17 Day 46 17:22
What is the difference between Multiple, energy and biological?

Year 17 Day 46 19:41
Technically nothing. They work exactly the same. In the past they were listed as the bio being able to scan entities to tell you how many passengers there were, energy tells you how many droids and the multi does both.


Year 17 Day 46 21:20
Cait Catra

Wait they no longer have specific functions? They all see the same things?

Year 17 Day 47 7:25
Apparently. It's news to me.

Year 17 Day 48 12:00
Another question. When hunting, do I have to have my npcs squad ed following me to attack or do they have to be in my party?


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Year 17 Day 48 12:08
Lexor Gregain

In party. Attacking with squads is currently only possible in Derra and Serroco.

Year 17 Day 48 13:01
Ethan Travis

Definitely in party, to be honest I once attacked Aclay squad with bunch of residents armed with maces and hides, only had 9 deaths at the end = succesfull opperation, so you are more than ready. Good luck in hunting.


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Year 17 Day 48 17:13
Thank you :) I have two squads of rifleman training right now. And my personal squad which is only a few hundred xp from level 8. Hopefully capped soon. I just got my hands on some multi sensors and fit out my scouts with them. Hopefully setting them up sometime tonight if I can get the spacing down. No binoculars yet but I'm working on it. I'll be sure to have my rifleman in my party. Thanks all for the help :)


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Year 17 Day 49 18:14

I am reasonably sure that they all see different things. Biological reads HP, energy reads shields, and multiple reads both. For sure it will be correctly implemented in the future if it isn't currently...


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Year 17 Day 49 19:47
I would assume droids would show up on energy and not biological, right? Since even without shields they aren't biological. :P

Year 17 Day 51 7:18
I can confirm that biological currently sees everything multi can. Just tested it out a month ago.



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