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If someone had some of my equipement and decided to sell it to the NPC Shop would I get an event telling me that they had sold it, or would I just have to notice that my items are no longer in my inventory?



Blot Hlidskjalf

To sell a item you have to own it.

If an item of yours vanished, possible it was equipped to a (now dead) NPC or it was in a fighter which were destroyed by a sun/black hole.

I don't think you have to own it per the rules page.

You may sell any items in your possession to an NPC shop, regardless of ownership 

From what I understand someone would just need access to my item and they could sell it. I would like to know if I would get an event when this happens?

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Blot Hlidskjalf

Tried to sell a trophy but couldn't since I wasn't the owner ...

Hmm - maybe the rules don't match the implementation.

Hipefully someone can shed some light onto it for us.
Thanks for you feedback Blot.


I recall it being discussed when I was testing NPC Shop item selling. I even suggested that there should be an event to owner at least notifying them that their item had been sold at an NPC shop (not by whom or where). The Dev responsible said they were going to stick with No Event for the owner, and no consideration for protected items, and see how it goes. Open a suggestion thread if you want this to change.

Bug report the Trophy-selling attempt in detail if you can't figure out what the issue is. Ownership definitely doesn't matter. It ought to let you sell anything on the ground or in containers you hold.

You don't have to own it, as far as I know.

Just a few weeks ago, I sold a bunch of gear belonging to various people to a shop for a pretty profit, no questions asks. It might have been updated in the past month, though.

Venari Haliat

Does it have to be a NPC shop item or can it be anything? I have not tried the selling feature yet.


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Kendall Holm

Should be anything


Anything. Among my pilfered goods were various pieces of survival gear, not sold in shops.

Year 17 Day 47 8:09
Since it's pertinent, there's no Buyback, so make sure you only sell what you intend to sell.

Thanks all for the help - it's appreciated.


Simkin Dragoneel

As a clarifier.

Ownership of trophies DOES matter when selling in an open to all, trading faction owned trading station/commerce centre.

You should be able to sell trophies in NPC shops regardless of ownership for a lot less money. If not... Bug.


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Cait Catra

I have sold items of nearly every category, including trophies, to an NPC Shop. As of a month or so ago, it was working as intended.

I've seen several people reporting that you must own the item to sell to the NPC Shop. Every instance so far has been a misunderstanding of the difference between an NPC Shop and the NPC Market


Yes, apparent bugs are likely the result of trying to sell to the NPC Market instead. Is it even worth preserving players selling to NPC Market for Items in this case, or having items on the npc market at all? Possession is all that matters for using them, so if players or factions drop them into unowned they become little treasures to discover.


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I suppose that's a good point - Notwithstanding my opinion on the 'claim' button oft-requested, I believe in both circumstances* of items being on the NPC Market there's no expectation of retaining ownership by the former owner. The only question I'd ask about it is whether the Location Information shown is useful to point people towards 'unclaimed' little treasures from death.

*(from purposely selling it, or alternatively Death/Dropping).

There are less NPC Shops around (have to request Admins to add them) than there are NPC Market locations, though. So perhaps alter it to eliminate the confusion altogether: Sell to NPC Market permits non-ownership of Items, just gives the credits and doesn't post for sale on the Market. Death/Dropping still posts Items for sale on the NPC Market.

Cait Catra

I'd love a "Claim" button on all items, but the opportunity for abuse is astronomical, especially against factions who deal with a lot of items. On that same token though, having the item in your possession but being unable to, say, apply a custom image to it (while safer and less likely to be abused) just doesn't make sense. Like saying I can't spray paint this armor I found orange due to some magical protective field.

As for the NPC Market, buying and selling items on it has always seemed useless to me at best. It seems like you can rarely access whatever items you purchase anyway, and I can't tell you how many times people have bought items off the NPC market specifically to ransom them back to whoever has actual possession of them.

Custom images can be abused as well. And by the 'magical protective field?' argument, you could spraypaint a Ship, too. Custom images go way beyond spraypainting anyway. You get items that are very different (customized...) from the default image. Considering it's all about aesthetics anyway, I can't take the bunched-up-pantaloons from some people (present company excluded) due to that restriction seriously.

Re: Ransoming Items (just an anecdote)
I once bought Alven Ceres' lightsabre off the NPC Market on a whim. Never really thought about 'ransoming' it. I ended up contacting the JO and sold it back to the proper Owners (JO) at-cost. At-cost was far far lower than any ransom would have been from any other individuals who bid lower than me, so it all worked out. Would've been nicer if they had agreed to give me possession, but they apparently would have rather recycle the lightsabre than let someone else keep ownership.

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Cait Catra

Oh trust me, I have no problem with the practice of not letting any strangers custom my items. Frankly, I'm pretty pleased with it. I was merely pointing it out to strengthen the argument for a "Claim" button, is all.

Grisu Moratom

Maybe to add a question to clarify something on my end. When somebody sells an item he does not own, but has access to, who gets the credits for the sell, the owner or the "seller". What I understood, the seller, correct?


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