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Archives » Is Zonama Sekot system missing or is it just me...
Yesterday (I think) Zonama Sekot was on the map, but today it seems like the systems gone. It was available for search too. Am I missing something? Maybe I haven't got enough of sleep.

Zonama Sekot was located in Cor'ric..


It's missing and there is no longer a rules page for Zonama Sekot.. Maybe it's being moved?



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Maybe it's currently in hyperspace!


Admin planet, was turned into a jawa.


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Cait Catra

Having been the first player that I know of to see Zonoma Sekot (I woke up in the cockpit of a fighter in its orbit immediately following the GalShift), I wish her pleasant travels. Even if she is a junk trader now.

My favorite part of this thread is learning that Fukara has a text replacement running for "& + sect" into ยง

Edit: oh nevermind, in posting this apparently it's just SWC that thinks it's a HTML entity despite the lack of semicolon

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Hans Miller

And what about the entities which are in Zonama Sekot?
I realized that I own RMs in the ship BFF-1 Bulk Freighter [TPA] Nar Shaddaa Strumpet #2 (#336638) which is there.

It's back

Ethan Travis

Spooky............sounds like a story from Stephen King book , a system goes missing for weeks and then it reapers, the citizens of that system now need to deal with the discovery that they were missing and that a alien clown was actually behind it

<----Clown is not aimed to offend anyone......I was just recently binge reading ( 2 books only ) where the twist was a alien clown or just simply an alien.


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โ€œ a system goes missing for weeks and then it reapers โ€


Ethan Travis

There is definitely a Stephen Kings book about drunk writer, who starts to notice something strange in Maine, and it is because of the Reapers ....................who are actually aliens..........


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Except that canonly Zonama Sekot moved around anyway - one of the reasons I made the Admin planet into that so that if they needed to move it for any reason, it would fit in RPwise.


Myrhrai Isalia Rosiir

This belongs in the conspiracy thread.

I wonder if the "Self-aware planet(s?) capable of travelling on it's own" will be a feature of SWC in the future. Like what hyperspeed will be enough to catch up with the planet and slab the rogue ryll' good? Or would the alien clown get angry if somebody recycles his circus to construct workers compound?

Seriously, was this ever considered?

Realistically, anybody hoping to try and slab Zonama Sekot would have their work cut out for them. It'd be a bit like somebody random in the street coming up and trying to put tattoos on you, cut your hair, change your clothes and perhaps remove limbs without any provocation at all.

But since this is the combine, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Anyone know it's whereabouts at the moment?

You could always use that nifty "Search" tool for planets/systems/sectors in the rules area @ http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Search

A search that required about five seconds of my time (including loading pages) resulted in http://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Galaxy_Map&systemID=210


Xarlande Rekloda

Nah. It's just Davros up to his old tricks. He escaped into the Medusa Cascade and manipulated the Time-space continuum. Again.


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