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Archives » Anyone been playing for 17 years?
Year 17 Day 63 16:31
Any active who's been playing since the beginning?



>All about Zizo here<
Year 17 Day 63 16:36

Since year 0 you may find a very rare few. There was actually a time before year 0, as well, those I dont think you'll find many/any.


Ethan Travis

Veynom, but I think he dropped character way before.............Syn and that pirate king have probably played those 17 years.


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Year 17 Day 64 13:45
I know only one person still active for sure but I'd bet there is few.


Benedicta Per Gratiam Jou
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Year 17 Day 64 15:47
I have not been active the entire time, but I joined in Year 0.


Year 17 Day 64 19:26
Alexander von Ismay

I joined close enough to Year 0!

Year 17 Day 65 10:25
I'm so nOOb. Only been playing 16 years :(

Year 17 Day 65 12:37
Isabelle DeLuca

I only joined in year 2, I'm a n00b as well D:

Year 17 Day 65 18:45
Wonderful way to start a hit list....



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Year 17 Day 65 20:08
Umbeck Traxer

Anyone with the slightest chance of taking out one of these players will already know a few dozen more that aren't listed here.
That said, fun fact.
Combine has been around for ~6300 days? plus or minus a few leap and day zeros
I've been around for 3150ish? In a few days or weeks I will have been here exactly half the time of the combine.

Im "just" here since ... year 10 now.

ive changed characters a few times so i lost all the capital i had , but anyways.

at the time i joined , it seems if i recall the community was bigger.. around 5000 active players and it was an exciting time.

times in the past had their fun. We have 'fun' now we couldn't have before.

I've been around now for 10 years. Same character.

Yes, I know, ... many not listed here. One which isn't, was a high ranking merc that did many deals in the black market with Eidola, then sunned, ... and is now deeeeeply imbedded in the GE.

enjoy that......

Year 17 Day 66 14:54
I remember the game before it was named. Oh the downloads that crashed on those tin canned servers.


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Year 17 Day 69 14:53
A big thanks to everyone for your responses!



>All about Zizo here<