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Year 17 Day 67 19:03


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Year 17 Day 67 19:34
Ships cannot be modified. The existing modded ships are from more than a decade ago, handed out by the asims/adminslike Redbat as a reward for having tits and/or participating in role plays.


Year 17 Day 67 22:59
And holiday/anniversary games.

Year 17 Day 68 6:50
So no tits - no extra speed, huh?
Is the modification feature planned for the future or is it deemed to be tampering with the balance?

Year 17 Day 68 7:14
Likely going to be part of what R&D is all about, with the other part being the development of new entities altogether.

Year 17 Day 68 7:28
Tal Dorn

Hey, guys, some modified ships just got introduced through the additions to the Generic Datacard Pool....

I-Beam Starfighter (1.5 slots) [Added, though stats have been lowered, as previous HPs were skewed. Previously owned ships should retain old stats.]

- Jesfa



Year 17 Day 68 9:02
And there's Cloakshape/H and Longprobes with higher hull stats.

Not really the modifications I'm talking about, like Syn's Solitaire or Squall's Tempered Grace (formerly the Gráinne Ní Mháille).


Year 17 Day 75 12:34
Simple math?

Hyperspeed: 4
Weight Cap: 100,000 T (200,000)
Volume Cap: 135,000 m³ (270,000)

Action =
Hyperspeed: 5
Weight Cap: 20,000 T (80,000)
Volume Cap: 50,000 m³ (200,000)

To put it bluntly; what do you think?

That's just considering the actual use of the ships, though. Acquiring them has to account for cost as well, and I'm not savvy as to how much a BFF or an Action costs.

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Year 17 Day 75 12:47
I actually misread Action IV's Weight Cap stat. So the question is kind of pointless.