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If I make a hyperspace jump to a deep space area (i.e. one without a known planetary system shown on the Galaxy Map), is there a possibility I might get sucked into a black hole before I can get the hell out of there?

From what I've read, you will only get caught by one if you go flying around at sublight speeds inside a system, ignoring gravity wells (which I understand you can see on the system map if piloting a hyperdrive-equipped vessel)...but I wasn't sure if that only applied to "safe" planet-containing systems.

Any help/clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

Edited By: Risha Talon on Year 17 Day 76 3:29
No. Black holes only cause problems in the system layer, not the hyperspace layer.

However, it's possible that, by hypering to a deep space location, you find a hidden system containing one or more black holes. In that case, it also won't pose any immediate danger, since all system entry points/hyper exit points in a system are free of stars and black holes.

Once you try to leave the system, you might have a bit of a problem, if your entry point into the system is within the gravity well of the black hole. Since black holes are invisible on the system map (and your ship doesn't plot a path around it, like it does with a star), your path to the outside of the gravity well might lead you through the black hole.

Once you try to leave the system, you might have a bit of a problem, if your entry point into the system is within the gravity well of the black hole. Since black holes are invisible on the system map (and your ship doesn't plot a path around it, like it does with a star), your path to the outside of the gravity well might lead you through the black hole. 

That is what I was concerned about...

Is there any way to work out a safe entry point, or to move from/to a nearby system via sublight travel?

Thanks for the help!

Blot Hlidskjalf


Then...if I do come out of hyperspace inside a gravity well, is it possible to pilot very slowly and carefully through the gravity well, avoiding the centre, to a free space? I mean even if I have to crawl a single coordinate at a time?

I recall reading somewhere that no recently-added system is a guaranteed death-trap, so presumably if you take things very carefully, you can find a way to a free space?

Rennek Cor

Blot, your answer isn't correct surely? The entry point is always the edge of a system, so you can "cross-terrain" to the next square where, all bing well, you will be safe.

edit: I concede I may be wrong here, but it seems like logically you should be able to do this no?

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Blot Hlidskjalf

It does not care the black hole, if you hit it carefully. Hit it and you are stardust.
Sublight-travel from "system" to "system" is not possible.
No guaranteed death trap means, that there is no sun or black hole st the entry, which would kill you instant while entering the system.
It does not mean, that there is no black hole next to the entry.
If you have several black holes in a system their gravity wells may be overlapping and then it becomes something tricky to determine the locations of the centres.

A gravity well from a black hole looks exactly like the gravity well from a star. If you look at a star's gravity well, the exact center is where the star is. The same holds true for a black hole - just avoid the center of the gravity well and you're totally safe. It becomes a little tricky when there are multiple black holes, like in the Maw, but they are entirely navigable to the careful pilot.

If you find yourself in the gravity well of a black hole (e.g. There's no planet or star at the center of it), safest path is to head for the nearest edge (of the gravity well). You can then jump to hyper.

Edit: typo via phone typing :(

Edited By: Tomas O`Cuinn on Year 17 Day 76 4:44

Are black holes always 30x30?

That's the size of the "surface", in the same sense that various planets are X by Y. It has no bearing on the System-level size of the Black Hole, which is always just the one square.

But yes, they're always 30x30.

No idea how Black Holes will look/work under the new positioning system.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 17 Day 76 7:48
I asked because the rules state that the radius of an object's gravity well is determined by its size. If black holes are all 30x30, that would imply a gravity well radius of 5 (as for a sun); assuming there aren't loads of them in one area, as there are in The Maw or the Galactic Center, then it should be fairly clear where the singularity is lurking.

If on the other hand, black holes can be smaller, then it would be easier for one to "sneak inside" the well of another object without being noticeable.

Year 17 Day 76 11:46
I'm not sure there are any black holes in systems with planets or stars. From what I recall, they all have their own systems.

Looked up Plooma to verify and realized I was wrong on my above sentences.

System: Pits of Plooma

But they should always be the same size, 30x30, as Kay stated, as far as I'm aware. Quite difficult to hide a gravity well of that size unless you really aren't paying attention - and the rule page for each system would list every black hole, so hopefully you'd think to check that on anew unfamiliar system!


Year 17 Day 76 11:57
Ichiru Hanabusa

fyi the nav comp auto avoids black holes during sublight now so if you sublight to an entry point, your guranteed to not hit one

Year 17 Day 76 14:24
Cait Catra

Has that been verified on Dev/Main? I'd hate to see someone hyper-compressed beyond their constituent atoms because of an assumed failsafe.

Year 17 Day 76 14:32
Oh don't lie, you'd love it and we all know it.

I wasn't aware this failsafe was in place, but as Cait said, I am not going to be putting my faith in it either way. The extra couple of minutes it takes to ensure there is no black hole in my flight path is worth it no matter how many failsafes are in place.

Year 17 Day 76 16:12
Cait Catra

Contrary to popular belief, I have no interest in (nor would I take any joy from) any player losing their character due to an otherwise small and careless mistake. Especially a mistake that they thought game mechanics would normally prevent because they "heard that somewhere once".

Take it from me, that's an awfully frustrating way to go.

Edited By: Cait Catra on Year 17 Day 76 20:23
Year 17 Day 76 18:26

Suns/Black Holes are never on an entry point.


Year 17 Day 76 19:07
It was in a SimNews post in the last few months I believe that it was mentioned that the auto-pilot route avoids blackholes, like it avoids suns. If that does cause you to die you can make a support ticket to get yourself restored.


Year 17 Day 77 12:49
Black Holes are avoided by auto-pathing just like suns are. I know, because it's a feature I am very against. So if you find yourself in a black hole's gravity well at random (very unlikely to begin with, as black holes are rare and you'd have to hyper both into a new hidden system as well as one that had a black hole in it, since black holes can't just appear in deep space) just set a course for any sublight square without a gravity well on it for a safe exit.

Year 17 Day 77 13:52

Auto avoiding black holes is silly, why even have them exist at that point? If I remember correctly, upon entering a system with a black hole, the game throws up a warning that there is an inherit threat here, and you should be careful.

Black holes are incredibly easy to find and then avoid if you spend half a second checking the map while preparing to move. :/


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