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Archives » What are donations used for?
Year 17 Day 84 10:17
Site improvements? Event hosting? Just curious.



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Year 17 Day 84 10:44
Naomi Felian

Costs for server hosting....

Year 17 Day 84 10:58
Kendall Holm

Running Costs primarily. They used to go towards team meetings once a year. But I dont know if Selatos will continue that tradition as the new sim master


Year 17 Day 84 11:38
Feeding the Asims and funding Jesfa's search for a new cardboard box.

Year 17 Day 84 11:38
Thanks for the answers!



>All about Zizo here<
Year 17 Day 84 14:36
Sel actually addressed this in the recent Sim News post concluding the double CPs event:

This also concludes the end of the double CPs event. I am truly amazed by the extent of the donations and we should all be grateful that there are many players willing to provide for the server costs. We received enough in donations to cover the server costs for more than a year, plus we will be able to purchase licenses for a few tools that I am looking forward to using, along with another server to run them. We're preparing an evaluation before committing to this particular vendor, but specifically we are looking at JIRA Software for upgrading the development project tracking and possibly replacing the bugbase, JIRA Help Desk for replacing the unbelievably terrible osTicket application used currently for support tickets, and Confluence for managing/coordinating documents shared among the admins and asims, as well as to help me manage some simmaster-y things regarding SWC on the whole. All of these products are from Atlassian, a company Kyle recommends highly based on professional experience.  

I'm not sure whether SWC was able to keep any of the prior donations made under Veynom, or what happened to any of that money, so hopefully this round of donations will keep SWC running regardless.